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By The Gypsy Nurse Staff

August 18, 2018



Travel Nurse Guide Introduction

travel nurse guide

As many of you know, The Gypsy Nurse Travel Nurse Guide has helped hundreds of would-be travel nurses over years get started on their travel adventures. Where to start travel nursing? The Gypsy Nurse Travel Nurse Guide is here for you!

In this series of posts, I’ll be breaking down each of the following steps into easy to follow directions/guidance. It’s recommend that you follow them in order and if you have any questions that aren’t covered, please feel free to join our network on Facebook and post them there; Travel Nurse Network – The Gypsy Nurse or contact us directly here.

Travel Nurse Guide

Knowing where to start when your a new travel nurse can be a bit daunting. Due to this, we’ve broken it down into easy to digest snippets. The guide is designed so that you can jump into it at any point. However, it’s recommended that you use the guide beginning at Step #1. Regardless if you have already completed a travel nurse contract, this guide will help you to be better prepared. Furthermore, our agencies tell us that members that follow the guide are more organized and ready to tackle travel nurse challenges.

Travel Nurse Guide: Assessment 

When you are ‘thinking’ about travel nursing and just don’t know how to start, we recommend that you go through these steps to figure out if Travel Nursing is right for you. Additionally, completing these steps will result in being able to effectively communicate your needs to the agency.

Travel Nurse Guide: Planning

Now that you’ve decided to start travel nursing, here is where the work begins. Completing all of these steps will help you start travel nursing with ease. Furthermore, planning is the key to success.

Travel Nurse Guide: Implementation

The first (and successive) travel assignment can be scary. You’re heading into an unknown world and we’re here to help with every step of the way. From your arrival at your new location all the way through the entire contract, we provide a guide on what you need to focus on. Above all, this guide is designed to ease some of those fears.

In conclusion, I hope you find this travel nurse guide helpful. If there are items that you feel should be addressed here, please let us know in the comments below.

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