Exercise & Fitness articles for Travel Nurses and Healthcare Workers

As a travel nurse finding ways to exercise and maintain your fitness routine can be difficult while on the road for your assignments. In this category, you will find articles on maintaining a fitness routine, exercises that you can do anywhere, and many more.

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Why Pilates Is Useful For Travelling Nurses: 6 Reasons
Nursing is a highly demanding profession, both physically and mentally. In light of these challenges, it’s important to find a mode of exercise that suits you. Everyone has their own ...
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How to Make Exercise More Enjoyable On a Busy Schedule
As a travel nurse, it’s common to feel so bogged down with work that you neglect your physical health. Even if you have the time, other hurdles like gymtimidation, or ...
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6 Simple Travel Nurse Workout’s While on Assignment
If you work as a travel nurse, you have the opportunity to see new places, meet new people and experience plenty of new things. However, the fact that you’re always ...
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11 Versatile CrossFit Dumbbell Workouts to Look Snatched
Fan of CrossFit training but got only dumbbells to work out? Don’t worry; it’s all good because you are about to acquire powerful knowledge about the most versatile and effective ...
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The Most Effective Portable Workout Equipment 2020 – Our Top Choices
Working out feels like a chore when traveling. But going without exercise for even two days in a row gets a real fitness enthusiast very anxious. You can’t carry your ...
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Starting the New Year Right; Tips to Help Maintain Your Goals
It is a new year, which means new goals or resolutions. When you hear the term resolution, your mind most likely goes to diet and exercise.  However, there are other ...
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5 Steps to Reaching Your Fitness Goals This New Year
Many of us make fitness goals in the new year but achieving those goals is another struggle entirely. This article has been put together so that you can discover the ...
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The Best Time of Day to Work Out
Whether you work out in the morning or the evening probably depends on your schedule and what you feel works best for you. Ultimately, there’s no real answer to what ...
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Take Control of Your Life: Physical Activities That Improve Your Health
Most people concentrate on one sort of exercise or activity and believe that this is sufficient. It’s crucial to obtain all four forms of exercise for endurance, strength, balance, and ...
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