Exercise & Fitness articles for Travel Nurses and Healthcare Workers

As a travel nurse finding ways to exercise and maintain your fitness routine can be difficult. In this category, you will find articles on maintaining a fitness routine, exercises that you can do anywhere, and many more.


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Wellness on the Road
There’s nothing like packing the car and hitting the road or boarding a flight to your next adventure. It’s the element of change, enrichment, and unknown common to all of ...
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What Are the Best Health Care Tips a Travel Nurse Can Follow?
As you may already know or have heard, travel nursing is one of the most exciting nursing career options you can choose. This nursing career path offers great benefits to ...
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4 Effective Tips for Travel Nurses to Stay Fit While on Assignment
It’s challenging to stay fit when you’re traveling around all the time. You can never fully know where you’re going to end up or if you’ll be able to properly ...
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Why Do We Provide Better Preventative Maintenance for our Cars Than We do For Ourselves?
Self-care or preventative maintenance has a long list of benefits: optimizing your immune system, relieving stress, improving resilience, having a more positive mindset, greater well-being, improved sleep, better able to ...
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A Mat and Two Dumbbells; Easy Exercises for Travel Nurses
One of our reasons for not working out as travel nurses is not making it to the gym. Maybe because of distance or time. This is very understandable, but then ...
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Starting the New Year Right; Tips to Help Maintain Your Goals
It is a new year, which means new goals or resolutions. When you hear the term resolution, your mind most likely goes to diet and exercise.  However, there are other ...
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Why Pilates Is Useful For Travelling Nurses: 6 Reasons
Nursing is a highly demanding profession, both physically and mentally. In light of these challenges, it’s important to find a mode of exercise that suits you. Everyone has their own ...
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5 Steps to Reaching Your Fitness Goals This New Year
Many of us make fitness goals in the new year but achieving those goals is another struggle entirely. This article has been put together so that you can discover the ...
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WHO Announces New Exercise Guidelines and Amount People Should Be Getting
This article was provided by: MedPro Healthcare Staffing. The World Health Organization (WHO) has issued new weekly physical activity guidelines to maintain a healthy lifestyle as we approach the new ...
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