The Gypsy Nurse Extraordinary Nurse Award


The Gypsy Nurse Extraordinary Nurse Award

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 Extraordinary Nurse

The Gypsy Nurse Extraordinary Nurse Award is a  quarterly award given to a deserving nurse as nominated by our travel nurse community. Each month The Gypsy Nurse will be asking our community to recognize an extraordinary nurse who has gone above and beyond, overcoming professional and personal challenges to perform extraordinary and exemplary service to their patients and their families in the name of nursing.


The Gypsy Nurse is proud to partner with the healthcare provider recognition platform nDorse to honor these nurses during 2022. If you know of a deserving nurse that should be recognized, please submit your entry below through our Gypsy Nurse recognition portal. The Gypsy Nurse team will review each submission and select a deserving winner announced on our website.

Previous Winners

January – March, 2022

Trevor H.

Recipient of a $500 Visa Gift Card

“I am so thrilled to have won this award! Being a nurse in this world is truly unique. We have days at work where awful things happen, and it is so easy to be discouraged. Then on your way to the car at the end of the day, you get stopped by a stranger, and they thank you for what you do. It has never been easy to be a nurse, and it never will be, but knowing that we have such a big effect on people and their lives keeps us motivated to be great. Travel nursing has opened such an amazing opportunity to see the country and work with extraordinary nurses. I am honored to work alongside them, with my wonderful wife, Vicky. Traveling around the country, with every hospital, city, and patient population being so different, I am very thankful always to have her to rely on and share the experience with. I would not be able to do all of this without her, nor would I want to. Thank you, Gypsy Nurse, for this award and the community you have created for nurses to come together. Happy nurses week!”

nDorse Winner

April – June, 2022

Roger S.

Recipient of a $500 Visa Gift Card

“I want to recognize Roger Suttles as the most caring and compassionate nurse I know. He went to nursing school as a second career but performed as if he had been doing it all his life. Roger is old enough to retire with full benefits but keeps working because he loves taking care of people and being a positive influence on the lives of his patients and their families. He will go out of his way to help his coworkers while putting his tasks on the back burner to help a struggling nurse. His calm presence in a crisis has been recognized by many nurse leaders and fellow professional peers. When Roger’s patients are settled, he will walk around the unit to assess if anyone needs help. He does this with not just nurses but patient care techs too. I have, on many occasions, overheard coworkers talking about him, saying that they know the unit will run smoothly when Roger is on the schedule. I am in complete awe of how easily he exudes compassion and can only hope that one day, I can obtain this skill.”

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