Tax and Legal Information: Articles for Travel Nurses

As a travel nurse or healthcare worker, taxes can be or get confusing.  In this category, you will find articles that will help you learn more about travel nursing tax and legal information. Industry experts discuss how the legal and tax issues affect you and how to handle them.

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How Travel Nurses Taxes Are Impacted by COVID-19
This article provided by TotalMed. 2020 is a year like we’ve never seen before. Under the effects of the COVID-19 outbreak, the healthcare world is facing unprecedented challenges and the ...
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Another Tax Year Upon Us 2020: Tax Tips for Travel Nurses
As I write this piece, it is a few weeks from Christmas and I’m thinking about the Holidays. Lurking on the other side of the festivities is another tax season. ...
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Ask A Travel Nurse: Can I rent out my Tax Home?
The Gypsy Nurse strives to be your #1 source for Travel Nursing Answers. For new and experienced travelers alike. CHECK HERE to see if your travel nurse question has already ...
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Talking Travel Nurse Taxes: The 50 Mile Rule
A traveler will eventually encounter the “50 Mile rule” during conversations with recruiters or fellow travelers. The rule is often discussed as an accepted law of traveling and defended with ...
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Talking Taxes: GSA Rates
This installment discusses the GSA rates for travel nurses.  If you need to find out what the GSA rate is for your assignment city, the government GSA website is the ...
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What’s the Difference between W2 and 1099 for Travel Nurses?
Most travel nurses operate as W2 employees. With the recent tax reform, many are considering the option of changing over to a 1099 employee. But, what’s the difference between W2 ...
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Talking Travel Nurse Taxes: Should I (ever) File Tax Exempt?
There are patients that we dread to care for. During report, we tactfully offer to take more patients, a more critical patient, or even offer to float to another area ...
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Travel Nurse Taxes: The Case for Extensions
By the time you read this, April 15 will be fast approaching. Travel nurses do not have a sedate lifestyle and the constants of travel make it hard to assemble ...
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5 Tax Challenges Travel Nurses Face — and How You Can Handle Them
This article provided by: TotalMed Staffing Living as a travel nurse is an awesome adventure. Like some beatnik, free spirit, or storied explorer, you’re going where you want, when you ...
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