Travel Nurse Tips: Articles for Travel Nurses and Healthcare Workers

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Find all the travel nurse tips you need for travel nursing. Whether you are new to travel nursing or a veteran travel nurse, there is something for everyone in this category!

Check back often as we publish fresh content Monday through Friday.  What you are looking for maybe in the works.  If you have ideas for content or would like to see articles on a specific topic, click here to email our content department.  If you would like to submit an article, you can do so by clicking here.

Tips for Small Space Living
So, you’ve decided you want to take the plunge and decrease the square footage of your home; that’s what we did anyway. We renovated a 1971 Airstream trailer to our ...
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3 Quick Strategies for Making Your Rental Your Home
This article was provided by Jackson Nurse Professionals. As you move from assignment to assignment, not having your things around you can increase occasional feelings of loneliness and even mental ...
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How to Maximize Your Housing Stipend as a Travel Nurse
This article was provided by Medely. Travel Nursing requires a hands-on and versatile approach to your nursing practice, but even more so, your entire life. To maximize earning potential, you ...
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10 Questions to Answer Before Taking an Assignment
This article was provided by Triage Staffing. Are you thinking about packing your suitcase and taking your skills on the road to pursue this adventure-filled career of travel nursing? You ...
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Characteristics of a Great Travel Nurse Recruiter
Recently, there was a conversation on our Gypsy Nurse Network group about the characteristics of a great travel nurse recruiter. Our group members had very similar comments. Here are the TOP responses ...
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Pros and Cons of Being a Nurse
This article was provided by Host Healthcare. Every job has its pros and cons. While office jobs are known for their steady paycheck and a high likelihood of carpal tunnel, ...
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Decompressing After a Hard Shift as a Travel Nurse
This article was provided by Travel Nurse Across America. The pandemic is slowing in some areas, but the stress that accumulated for travel nurses remains. Now is the time to ...
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Why it’s Important for Travel Nurses to Continue Dating
Often, healthcare travelers forgo many social activities during assignments because they know their time in any one location could be limited to just a few months. Many younger nurse travelers ...
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RV Living as a Family and How it Relates to Travel Nursing
There are a lot of housing choices when it comes to travel nursing. Do you take housing from your company? Do you find your housing? Is it an entire house ...
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