Personal Finances: Articles for Travel Nurses and Health Care Workers

Personal Finances can be tricky for anyone, especially for travel nurses. Use these tips, information, and financial advice to plan your travel nurse budget. Make more out of your travel nurse experience by having a great handle on your finances.

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How to Travel on a Budget: Tips for Travel Nurse Vacations
Traveling is a great way to explore new and exciting locations while discovering cultures and making lifelong connections with locals and fellow travelers. Before planning your next trip to your ...
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The Travel Nurse’s Guide to a Money Plan When You’re Starting Out
Hey travel nurses. So many conversations I have are with nurses that are 10 years or less from the start of their nursing careers. They come to me because they ...
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Starting the New Year Right; Tips to Help Maintain Your Goals
It is a new year, which means new goals or resolutions. When you hear the term resolution, your mind most likely goes to diet and exercise.  However, there are other ...
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Emergency Fund for Newbies
So, you want to be a traveler and make the ‘Big Bucks’? The first thing to realize is that Travel Nursing isn’t the ‘cash cow’ that many think it is! ...
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3 Travel Nurse Financial Management Tips
Travel nursing is a very demanding profession that can leave little time for anything outside of work and family responsibilities (let alone sleep!).  As a result, travel RNs often find ...
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Finances in the time of COVID-19
If there is one thing this global pandemic has shown us, it is how quickly everything can change. It seems only weeks ago we were paying attention to a democratic ...
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Saving: Savings Tips for Travel Nurses
The study of human behavior over the last fifty years has started to change our understanding of how we work as humans. We have started to understand more things like ...
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Setting New Year’s Resolutions: Tips for Travel Nurses
This article provided by: Titan Medical With the new year right upon us, you probably have some resolutions that you want to keep in mind for 2020. Maybe it’s adapting ...
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New Year’s Resolutions for Travel Nurses
This article provided by: LRS Healthcare It’s a proverb as old as time: The early bird gets the worm—and the prepared travel nurse gets the coolest assignment. It may be ...
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