Personal Finances: Articles for Travel Nurses and Health Care Workers

Personal Finances can be tricky for anyone, especially for travel nurses. Use the tips, information, and financial advice from these articles to help plan your travel nurse budget. Make more out of your travel nurse experience by having a great handle on your finances.

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Starting the New Year Right; Tips to Help Maintain Your Goals
It is a new year, which means new goals or resolutions. When you hear the term resolution, your mind most likely goes to diet and exercise.  However, there are other ...
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Why Travel Nurses Should Consider Digital Financial Services
Thanks to digital financial services, people now have a new way to conduct work using sophisticated technologies such as computers, tablets, and smartphones. People should use these services and benefit ...
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Budget-Friendly Travel Tips for Travel Nurses on Assignment
Budgeting is essential for all of us; however, it is even more important for travel nurses.  As travel nurses, you spend 13 weeks on an assignment and typically move on.  ...
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6 Useful Apps for Managing Your Finances When You’re Working as a Travel Nurse
The life of a nurse is busy enough without also having to worry about keeping your finances in order when you’ve got little time to spare each day. Luckily there ...
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3 Steps to Avoid Debt When Travel Nursing
When it comes to a career in travel nursing, one of the best ways to find success in the field is to become comfortable in uncomfortable situations. Over your career, ...
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Retirement Savings to Consider For Travel Nurses
401(k) PLANS AND IRAs IN 2022  Unless you’re fortunate to have parents or mentors to teach you how to retire financially independent early on, you’re like the rest of us ...
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Top 5 Budgeting Tips for Travel Nurses
Medely provided this article. As a travel nurse or allied professional, you may find yourself trying to manage an income that fluctuates from assignment to assignment. Uncertainty makes it more ...
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How Travel Nursing Brings Financial Stability
Financial stability two words every adult loves to hear. It’s hard out there in the working world. Every day you show up to your job, trying to earn a living ...
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Emergency Fund for Newbies
So, you want to be a traveler and make the ‘Big Bucks’? The first thing to realize is that Travel Nursing isn’t the ‘cash cow’ that many think it is! ...
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