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Maximize ROI by Partnering with TGN

Healthcare staffing agencies play a vital role in filling open positions nationwide, and the demand for qualified healthcare professionals will only grow. However, agencies need help finding and recruiting top nursing talent. This is where The Gypsy Nurse comes in. As one of the leading online communities for travel nurses, The Gypsy Nurse offers services that can help staffing agencies connect with qualified nurses and streamline recruitment. Below, we’ll explore the benefits of working with The Gypsy Nurse and how healthcare staffing agencies can leverage the platform to build a successful recruitment strategy.

What does it mean to maximize ROI in candidate lead generation?

Maximizing ROI involves generating high financial returns while minimizing associated costs. Businesses achieve this by evaluating the costs and benefits of their investments, implementing cost-saving measures, improving productivity, and increasing customer satisfaction, retention, revenue, and profits. However, achieving a high ROI requires balancing risk and reward by analyzing the risks and benefits of each investment opportunity and taking calculated risks to pursue higher returns.

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What Makes Maximizing ROI Tricky in Healthcare Staffing?


There are a few pain points when discussing managing return on investment in a highly competitive services industry like healthcare staffing. However, community marketing strategies like partnering with the Gypsy Nurse address all of them.

Standing out in a crowded space: 

By building a community of healthcare professionals, staffing agencies can tap into a broader network of potential candidates for open positions. The Gypsy Nurse has cultivated a nurse traveler community through social media, expert content, and live and on-demand webinars and events. By directly engaging, healthcare staffing agencies can gain insights into what’s most important to travelers regarding benefits, pay packages, career advancements, or what they look for within a staffing agency. This strategy allows an agency to stay top-of-mind when professionals actively seek new opportunities and, perhaps more importantly, when they’re passive candidates.

Retaining top talent: 

Agencies can create a sense of loyalty through community marketing. By consistently engaging with healthcare professionals meaningfully through providing support, resources, and advice, agencies can learn more about what motivates them and tailor recruitment strategies accordingly. More is needed to be present; professionals like to know they’re being heard.

Keeping up with high demand for quality: 

Because they are gaining talent from a trusted source, an agency can access a pool of qualified, top-level healthcare professionals. Additionally, healthcare staffing agencies can build trust and credibility in their brand when quality candidates vouch for them.

How the Gypsy Nurse Can Help Healthcare Staffing Agencies Maximize their ROI


Understanding the best ways to maximize your ROI with community-based marketing stems from measuring specific KPIs while monitoring your brand awareness. Brand awareness is essential for your audience to get to know your brand and familiarize themselves with your services when they must choose between multiple healthcare staffing agencies. Here are five ways The Gypsy Nurse can help healthcare staffing agencies maximize their ROI.

1. Access to a Large Community of Healthcare Professionals

The Gypsy Nurse has become the most-recognizable travel nursing brand today. With over 575,000k followers on our social platforms, 132k+ subscribers within our email database, and a website with over 65,000 visitors a month, our community is the largest gathering of travel nurses anywhere. According to Higher Logic, brands with communities see an average of +1,352% return on investment.

Partnering with The Gypsy Nurse can provide agencies access to this community and marketing resources like social media channels, email marketing campaigns, and events. This can reduce marketing costs and potentially increase the effectiveness of marketing efforts while also resulting in a larger pool of candidates to fill open positions.

2. Increased Brand Visibility

Gypsy Nurse has a strong brand presence in the travel nursing industry on and offline. Recently, The Gypsy Nurse acquired TravCon, the premier healthcare traveler conference, to form the largest community of travel nurses and healthcare travel professionals worldwide. This dynamic combination benefits our community and clients with more opportunities for connection, support, and resources. 82% of consumers stated that interacting with companies or brands supporting a mission is essential. Because of The Gypsy Nurse’s dedication to its mission of providing community-based resources it’s led to it being a continuously trusted source among new and old audiences as the market adapts.

3. Generating More Leads and Conversions

The Gypsy Nurse is more than just a community; it’s also a platform where healthcare staffing agencies can post jobs directly to get in front of the travel nurses. This, of course, is a great way to instantly put dollars into conversions and say, “This is my cost per lead; this is my cost per placement.” However, because The Gypsy Nurse offers so much more, other factors and KPIs should be included in your ROI breakdown sheet. Most companies should follow a 60/40 rule to understand better how to split their marketing dollars—60% on branding and 40% on direct lead generation.

4. Increased Website Traffic 

Understandably, increased visibility will lead to increased visits to your website. Direct traffic is a clear, effective metric that showcases people who are familiar with your brand and are searching for your staffing agency. If you notice branded direct traffic is increasing, it correlates with communities putting in work for word of mouth. This also includes search volume data and any referral traffic coming directly from The Gypsy Nurse website.

5. Strategic Collaboration on Industry Research

The Gypsy Nurse conducts industry research on travel nursing trends and best practices, providing agencies access to this research and helping them make more informed decisions about recruitment and retention strategies. Also, as previously mentioned, The Gypsy Nurse has partnerships with various healthcare facilities and other organizations in the travel nursing industry. Partnering with The Gypsy Nurse can provide agencies with opportunities for strategic partnerships with these organizations, leading to increased placements and potentially higher bill rates.

Strong partnerships lead to maximized results.

By leveraging the resources and opportunities provided by The Gypsy Nurse, healthcare staffing agencies can increase efficiency, productivity, and client satisfaction, leading to improved financial performance. Return on investment can mean many things to people, but when interactions with your communities are tracked, heard, and addressed, you will reap the rewards of growth.


Connect with The Gypsy Nurse today to learn more about how we can help your agency take its next step toward success.