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About The Gypsy Nurse

The Gypsy Nurse. It’s a term that’s become synonymous with travel nursing. From our humble beginnings years ago as a simple blog for travel nurses, The Gypsy Nurse has grown into the #1 most-recognizable brand in travel nursing today. The Gypsy Nurse is dedicated to providing powerful tools, information, and social connectivity to our community of travel nurses.

We were founded on “the 3 Cs” – Collaboration, Community and Camaraderie, with a goal of providing a welcoming, informative place where travel nurses can thrive. The Gypsy Nurse is now the #1 travel nursing community in the industry, serving thousands of Gypsies every day across our multiple digital platforms. Every day, we help thousands of nurses across the country find travel nurse jobs, evaluate agencies, locate housing, access career resources, and connect with travel nursing friends and colleagues.

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