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Travel Nursing can be scary, confusing, and sometimes overwhelming.  We have many great articles provided by fellow travel nurses, agencies, and experts for travel nurses and their career journeys.  The wide variety of articles for our travel nurses and healthcare workers.

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How to Market Yourself as a Medical Traveler to Get the Job You Want
Fusion Medical Staffing Provided this article. You chose the medical travel life for a reason. Whether your reason is to travel through all 50 states, visit the country’s best national parks, or gain ...
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Basics to Choosing the Right Travel Nurse Company
Your travel nurse company and recruiter can make or break your experience, so this question should not be taken lightly. When you’re starting your travel nurse journey, one of the ...
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3 Reasons You Should Consider Becoming a Travel Nurse in 2022
The need for healthcare continues worldwide, making this a worrisome trend since there is a nurse shortage. Hospitals and medical facilities are having a difficult time retaining their staff. Many ...
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How to Prepare for a Travel Assignment in Alaska
Alaska…The Last Frontier, Land of the Midnight Sun, The Great Land, Where Wild Meets Wild… Whatever you call it, it is undeniably a bucket list destination.  We have always wanted ...
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Top 50 Travel Nurse Cities 
According to Furnished Finder, here are the top 50 cities where traveling nurses work. First, we’ll start with the top 10 cities where travel nurses need housing: San Diego Seattle ...
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Agency Support During Mid-Contract Pay Changes
TNAA Healthcare provided this article. Your recruiter calls to inform you about a mid-contract pay change. Last year, these were exciting calls to get because it likely meant your pay ...
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Travel Nursing to Entrepreneur – My Journey and Advice
I started traveling in October 2018; I began my blog and website in April 2019. I started my podcast on a solo trip to Hawaii, running my first marathon in ...
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Build a Killer Travel Nurse Resume
Travel nurses are in a unique position where it is acceptable – even expected – to change your job every 13 weeks, but when it comes to building a resume, ...
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Washington State for the Summer
Oscar and I have been lucky enough to call Washington state “home” for the last several months and cannot express enough how much we love this state. Our first assignment ...
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