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Travel Nursing can be scary, confusing, and sometimes overwhelming.  We have many great articles provided by fellow travel nurses, agencies, and experts for travel nurses and their career journeys.  The wide variety of articles for our travel nurses and healthcare workers.

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Budget-Friendly Travel Tips for Travel Nurses on Assignment
Budgeting is important for all of us; however, it is even more important for travel nurses.  As travel nurses, you spend 13 weeks on an assignment and typically move on.  ...
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Want To Know What Your Landlord Says About You?
Oh, if we could only be a fly on the wall when it comes to what landlords say about travel nurses… That’s exactly what we’re going to do! A recent ...
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A New Traveler’s Guide to Understanding Travel Nurse Pay
TNAA Healthcare provided this article. Lots of RNs use the fresh start of the new year as motivation to jump into a travel nurse career. Life as a travel nurse ...
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5 Ways to Beat the Travel Nursing Blues
Nursing is a very well-respected profession, but it comes with some long hours and hard work. There are a variety of specialties that a nurse can choose from. Some may ...
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5 Rookie Mistakes Made In Travel Nursing
Being a travel nurse can be both exciting and frightening. But when you’re first starting out, it can be a lot more challenging than you would expect it to be. ...
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12 Important Details for Travel Nursing on a Whim
I look back, as in one month ago, to realize I literally just finished my very first travel nursing assignment, during a global pandemic at that. I’m sure you’re thinking, ...
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10 Things to Do Before Leaving for a Vacation
Familiar with the feeling of ‘Am I forgetting something?’ before you pick up your bags and leave your home for a vacation? Luckily, you are not alone. Even as a ...
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New Year, New Travel Nurse Agency: When is it Time to Change Travel Nursing Agencies?
AB Staffing Solutions provided this article. New Year, new travel nurse agency? It’s a new year—time to keep what is working in your life and an opportunity to change what ...
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How to Begin Travel Nursing
Step One: Get Ready! Taking the leap and beginning travel nursing can be very intimidating at first and even seem overwhelming. It definitely takes some time to figure out the ...
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