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If you are considering travel nursing or even nursing in general but aren’t sure about what to specialize in, this category can help! In this category, you will find articles on different travel nurse specialties, which specialties are in demand, and much more.

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Career Paths and Advancement Opportunities within the Field of Medical Assisting
If you’ve been interested in working in a hospital setting, medical assisting can be a rewarding career. Not only do medical assistants earn a fairly decent salary, but the field ...
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Which Allied Health Professionals Can Take Travel Contracts?
AB Staffing Solutions provided this article. The answer to whether you can take a travel contract as an Allied Health Professional is YES. In fact, there are open positions available across ...
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There’s No Better Time to Become an Allied Traveler Than Now
Trustaff provided this article. Allied Health Professions week is happening now – Nov 8th-12th and there’s no better time to become an Allied traveler than now! “Travelers” have been a common ...
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Can a Chiropractor Hire a Nurse Practitioner?
Are you a nurse practitioner (NP) looking for an exciting new job? What about a post in a chiropractic office? Don’t disregard that option. In many states, a chiropractor can ...
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How to Change Your Travel Nursing Specialty
Nurse First Travel Agency provided this article. It’s no secret that the nursing industry is currently facing a staffing crisis. Hospitals are overflowing with patients, and the stress of the pandemic ...
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Specialties To Consider as a Travel Nurse
If you’re a nurse looking to change it up, you may consider becoming a traveling nurse. Travel nurses are always in demand, and there are many benefits to going this ...
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Efficacy of an Ultrasound Training Program for Nurses
Equipping a hospital or clinic with some high-tech imaging machines and systems goes a long way in producing accurate diagnosis and correct treatment. There is quite a variety of imaging ...
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Is Home Health Travel Nursing a Good Fit For You?
AMN Healthcare provided this article. When you began your nursing career, you might have felt drawn to a particular specialty. Maybe you were interested in caring for surgical patients, or ...
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How to Land a Travel Nursing Supervisor Position
Onestaff Medical provided this article. While there are many different types of travel nursing specialties to choose from, some travel nurses may choose to take on supervisor positions at a ...
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