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Travel Nurse Guide

Everything You Need To Know: Travel Nurse Jobs and Lifestyle

The Travel Nurse Guide is designed to guide a new travel nurse from dreaming right through the entire contract process. In this step-by-by step guide, you will learn the ins and outs of travel nursing.  Don’t worry, if you have already started travel nursing but still have questions, there is something in our travel nurse guide for you as well.

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travel nurse guide

Travel Nurse Guide Introduction

As many of you know, The Gypsy Nurse Travel Nurse Guide has helped hundreds of would-be travel nurses over the years get started on their travel adventures. Where to start… Read more


Step #1: Determine Why Travel Nursing is Your Goal

Why Choose Travel Nursing? If you aren’t sure why to choose travel nursing as your next career step, you need to sit down and really think about it. If you’re… Read more

what you can get out of travel nursing

Step #2: What Will You Get Out of Travel Nursing?

The benefits of travel nursing vary depending on the person. Ultimately, it is up to you to decide what you want to get out of your travel nursing career… Read more


Step #3: Where and When Are You Willing to Go

Where to Start Travel Nursing? Sometimes this is the most intimidating question. Some travelers are completely open to location and willing to go wherever there is a need… Read more

Travel Nursing Myths

Step #4: Understanding the Myths

The Truth About Travel Nursing Travel nursing myths are abundant. As in any career, it’s important to be able to make an informed decision. Here, we will break down some… Read more

travel nurse contract negotiation

Step #5: Know Your Deal-Breakers

It’s important to know and understand what your deal-breakers are so that you can communicate this during your travel nurse contract negotiation. First, let’s define what is meant by the… Read more

travel nurse paperwork

Step #6: Building Your Travel Portfolio

Keeping track of travel nurse paperwork can be a nightmare! Last minute requests for items that you may or may not have easy access to while on the road can… Read more

Research Travel Nurse agencies

Step #7: Research Travel Nurse Agencies

How to Research Travel Nurse Agencies There are several factors in determining what agencies to work with. As you learn how to research travel nurse agencies, keep in mind that… Read more

travel nurse application

Step #8: Submission of Your Profile

Travel Nurse Application Submission It’s time now to submit your travel nurse application for the agencies that you are interested in. In Step #7:  How to Research Travel Nurse Companies you narrowed… Read more

travel nurse recruiter

Step #9: Working With Your Recruiter (s)

The Travel Nurse Recruiter Building and maintaining a solid relationship with your travel nursing recruiter is an important aspect of your professional career. Whether searching for a job or happily employed… Read more

travel nurse interview

Step #10: Prepare For the Interview

Travel Nurse Interview Process The first thing to remember about travel nurse interviews is that this is the time to interview the facility just as much as it is the… Read more

travel nurse contract

Step #11: Preliminary Contract Negotiations

There are multiple variables to consider when negotiating travel nursing contracts. The ultimate outcome should be a win-win situation for both parties.  The recruiter wants to make a good commission, the travel company has… Read more

choosing a travel nurse job

Step #12: Determine If The Job Is A Good Fit

Now that you’ve had the interview, the next step is determining if the position is a good fit for you.  Choosing a travel nurse job that is a good fit… Read more

travel nurse contract

Step #13: Sealing the Deal

You have come a long way.  You’ve completed steps 1-12 and are ready to move on to the next step; Sealing The Deal.  At this point, you need to know… Read more

leaving for a travel nurse assignment

Step #14: Getting Ready for The Journey

Congrats! If you are at this point, you have completed all the previous steps and are ready to think about leaving for your travel nurse assignment. Hopefully, you have done… Read more

travel nurse packing list

Step #15: Packing List for Travel Nurses

Before we get to the Travel Nurse Packing List, let’s talk about company housing. Whether you find your own furnished housing or take company-provided housing, each space will be different… Read more

Travel Nurse Roadtrip planning

Step #16: Prepare Your Vehicle for Your Travel Nurse Road Trip

Driving to your next contract? These tips will make your travel nurse road trip planning go smooth and easy. Travel nursing with a car is a great way to have… Read more

travel nurse Paperwork organization

Step #17: Keeping Track of Your Travel Nurse Paperwork

Travel nurse paperwork organization is very simple in the age of technology and online storage. Stay organized as you go to help minimize frustration down the line! Determine what travel… Read more

Planning your road trip

Step #18: Planning Your Road Trip

We’ve all heard the saying, “Getting there is half the fun.” Now that you are ready to hit the road let’s learn how to find attractions on your road trip… Read more

travel nurse housing safety

Step #19: Arrival on Location

Travel Nurse Housing Safety, Security, and Condition Assessing travel nurse housing safety, security, and condition on arrival is crucial. Regardless if you’ve allowed the agency to arrange your travel nurse… Read more

travel nurse home

Step # 20: Settling Into Your Travel Nurse Housing

Your Travel Nurse Home You now have the keys to your travel nurse home for the next 13 weeks.  Now it is time to make it feel like home! You … Read more

first day as a travel nurse

Step #21: Your First Day as a Travel Nurse

Today is the day!  Your first day as a travel nurse. You have settled into the new apartment and done the shopping.  The first-day nerves have probably got a hold… Read more

great travel nurse contract

Step # 22: How to Make the Most of Your Travel Nurse Contract

You have arrived at the contract location and have 13 weeks to explore your new area.  Let’s look at things you can do to make this a great travel nurse… Read more

week 8 of a travel nurse contract

Step #23: Travel Nurse Contract – 8 Weeks to go…

When you are on week 8 of a travel nurse contract, you are getting ready to look for your next job! It can be wild to realize that less than… Read more

four weeks left in travel nurse contract

Step #24: Travel Nurse Contract – Four Weeks Left!

You are almost at the point of finishing your Travel Nurse Contract. It goes by FAST! You’ve made it through nine weeks and have just four weeks left of your… Read more

travel nurse countdown

Step #25: Travel Nurse Contract – 2 Weeks to go…

Travel Nurse Countdown Continues What needs to be done when your travel nurse countdown is almost up? Whether it’s your first travel nurse contract or your 100th, it doesn’t matter… Read more

End of a travel nursing contract

Step #26: Travel Nurse Contract – The Final Week

The end of a travel nursing contract. As your travel nurse contract ends, it’s time to wrap up everything and get ready to move on. Use these tips for a… Read more

Travel Nurse Contract Evaluation

Step #27: Travel Nurse Contract Evaluation – Wash, Rinse, Repeat…

Why should you do a travel nurse contract evaluation? If you have been following the Travel Nurse Guide steps, you have already begun this process of contract evaluation. Evaluating your… Read more

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