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In this category, you will find articles on a variety of topics from our agencies.  You will find articles on a variety of topics. Some of which include housing, licensing, charting, to name a few.

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How to Market Yourself as a Medical Traveler to Get the Job You Want
Fusion Medical Staffing Provided this article. You chose the medical travel life for a reason. Whether your reason is to travel through all 50 states, visit the country’s best national parks, or gain ...
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Agency Support During Mid-Contract Pay Changes
TNAA Healthcare provided this article. Your recruiter calls to inform you about a mid-contract pay change. Last year, these were exciting calls to get because it likely meant your pay ...
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Why Work with a Travel Nurse Agency?
Medical Edge Recruitment provided this article. Written by: Emily Fernandes, Recruitment Consultant, Medical Edge Recruitment You spent years at school, have just graduated, and now you are a nurse. Congratulations! ...
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Homesick? Six Tips To Help Travel Nurses Deal with Homesickness
Nurse First Travel Agency provided this article. Homesickness is one of the many challenges that travel nurses face during their assignments. Being away from home can be rough, even for ...
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Why Should You Consider Travel Nursing?
TheraEx provided this article. If you’re a nurse, you already know that your profession isn’t just a job—it’s a calling. Nurses are an essential part of their patient’s support system, ...
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Breaking the Stigma: Men in Nursing
Favorite Healthcare provided this article. Did you know that men only make up 12% of the nursing field, while women make up the remaining 88%? There is a popular misconception ...
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Healthy Tips for Summer!
Titan Healthcare provided this article. Whether you’re at the lake, by the pool, on a boat, or hiking the mountains this summer while having fun in the sun, keep yourself ...
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The Journey from Grad to Traveler – and How to Make the Most of That Two Years’ Experience Requirement
Fastaff provided this article. Every journey starts somewhere, and for future travel nurses, the path can be less linear to rewarding, high-paying travel assignments than to many staff jobs. The ...
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16 Smart Apps to Help Travel Nurses Be More Organized and Connected This Year
Being a travel nurse or allied professional who’s on the move can be exciting and adventurous. It can also be intimidating, hectic, and even a little lonely. Whether you’ve picked ...
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