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We’re More Than a Travel Nurse Community…We’re a Nation.  The Gypsy Nurse Nation.

What’s the #1 Destination for Travel Nurses?

The Gypsy Nurse.  It’s a term that’s become synonymous with travel nursing.  From our humble beginnings as a simple blog for travel nurses, The Gypsy Nurse has grown into the largest gathering of travel nurses anywhere.  With over 430,000 followers on our combined social media platforms and over 50,000 visitors a month to this website, we have become a powerful voice – a Gypsy Nurse Nation –  for travel nursing professionals everywhere.  Despite differences in travel nursing experience, specialties, and geography, Gypsy Nurses unite under a common cause – supporting the travel nursing profession. Every day, The Gypsy Nurse team helps thousands of nurses across the country find travel nurse jobs, evaluate agencies, locate housing, access online career resources, and connect with travel nursing friends and colleagues.

The new is now the centerpiece of The Gypsy Nurse Nation. We encourage our community to become a registered member of our new website so that you can plug-in to the power of everything we have to offer. Membership is free (you can even sign up using your Facebook account) and the benefits include:

  • Find nursing colleagues, connect and privately message nurses.
  • Connect with nursing friends with 1-1 or small group video chats, video chat with up to 15 friends.
  • Create and subscribe to customized job alerts you create
  • Save and “favorite” multiple jobs for future applications
  • Rate and review travel nurse agencies
  • Rate and review healthcare facilities
  • Access our Travel Nurse Events Calendar to be notified of industry or agency-sponsored events in your area
  • Easily find and connect with other travel nurses in your area
    • Customize your visibility to your network
  • Privately direct message with other nurse connections on our platform
  • Easily find convenient and affordable housing near jobs of interest through our exclusive partnership with Furnished Finder
  • Have a travel nursing question?  Directly and privately ask a Gypsy Nurse Mentor
  • Want to share your travel nursing experience and advice with thousands of travel nurses through our website?  Submit your guest articles via your profile and it may be published

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