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Allied and Travel Nursing Trends 2024 with AMN

As we all know, the healthcare industry is ever-evolving! Curious to know what you can expect to see in the Allied and Travel Nursing industry this year? In this session, AMN Healthcare, the leader in healthcare staffing, explores the exciting trends that await allied and travel (including local) healthcare professionals in the upcoming year. Their panel of industry experts will share valuable insights, practical advice, and a glimpse into the opportunities available this year.

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Saundra Vild


Saundra is the Divisional Vice President of Training for the Nurse Division at AMN Healthcare. Through her ability to connect with her clinicians and give guidance and support, she grew quickly and soon transitioned into a leadership role. She has continued to contribute to the success of the organization by training recruiters on how to build connections with nurses and grow their own desks.



Danielle Becotte


Danielle is a Director of Recruitment for the Nurse Division at AMN Healthcare. Throughout her eight years of working at AMN Healthcare, Danielle has made a positive impact in the lives of both AMN nurses and our recruitment team.



Michele Hardy


Michele is a Senior Recruiter for the Nurse Division at AMN Healthcare. Michele has been a part of the AMN Healthcare team for almost four years. In her role, she supports our local and per diem, nurses find assignments that suit their professional and personal needs.


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Rob Nivala

Rob Nivala is a Director of Recruitment for the AMN Allied Division. Rob has been involved in Allied Staffing for seven years, helping clinicians across settings, including special education, rehabilitation therapy, imagining, respiratory, and lab disciplines.


About AMN Healthcare:

At AMN Healthcare, core values aren’t just something we talk about—we live them every day. The source of our strength as a company is rooted in our culture, and the foundation of our culture is undeniably found in our core purpose and values.

How We Live It

  • Our Aspiration

We strive to be recognized as the most trusted, innovative, and influential force in helping healthcare organizations provide a quality patient care experience that is more human, more effective, and more achievable.

  • Our Mission

Deliver the best talent and insights to help healthcare organizations optimize their workforce. Give healthcare professionals opportunities to do their best work towards quality patient care. Create a values-based culture of innovation where our team members can achieve their goals.

  • Our Vision

Recognized as healthcare’s workforce innovator, we enable providers to successfully navigate the evolving healthcare environment. We attract and recruit the largest talent pool of clinicians and physicians. We achieve superior shareholder value by investing in the most talented and passionate team in the industry.