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Nancy Thibodeau with TNAA Healthcare

Covid-19 has significantly impacted the nursing industry in a variety of ways. Physically, emotionally, and financially, nurses everywhere have experienced a shift in their roles and everyday lives. Join Nancy Thibodeau, VP of Recruitment and Training, as she discusses how the last 2.5 years have influenced what nurses value most in life and how it has altered their perception of nursing. Register today for this dynamic session!

TNAA Healthcare

About Nancy Thibodeau: Nancy Thibodeau, the VP of Recruitment and Training at TNAA, leads new recruiters, preparing them to support healthcare travelers and client facilities while exceeding revenue targets. She comes to her role with 20 years of industry experience and stays informed on industry news to contribute to the direction and success of TNAA and keep her training methods up to date. Nancy works with several TNAA departments, cultivating meaningful relationships and working with colleagues to implement new and updated processes. Nancy knows TNAA travelers provide exceptional care. She is happy to be a part of an organization that indirectly impacts lives by placing the right travelers in the right assignments.