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Live with Travel Nurse Across America


Covid-19 & The Vaccine!

Join Travel Nurse Across America as we discuss travel nurses’ concerns with facilities asking them to take the vaccine. TNAA is always committed to supporting the needs of travel nurses as they continue taking travel assignments.


Jill Eliassen ( ): As TNAA’s VP of Clinical Services, Jill provides clinical support to client facilities and travel nurses throughout assignments to create a successful temporary staffing experience for both. Working with many of TNAA’s internal departments, Jill is involved at every step of an assignment’s creation and placement, ensuring that each one meets the needs of the facilities and the nurses’ goals. After receiving her nursing degree in 1998, Jill spent 12 years working in multiple acute care settings. She has been in the travel nursing industry since 2011 and serves as a member of the NATHO Clinical Executive Council.
Rose Fulton ( As TNAA’s SVP of Recruitment, Rose trains, mentors and motivates a nationwide team of recruiters and recruiter liaisons. She is responsible for the conversion of new applications and retention of travelers on assignment, as well as the overall results and growth of her team. Partnering with all internal departments, she works to ultimately enhance the TNAA experience for travelers and quickly resolve any issues that arise. With more than 20 years experience in sales management, Rose is a proven motivator and an expert in conversion of leads.

Wendy Craver ( As the QA Director of TNAA, Wendy has been with the company for eight years but has been doing compliance for Healthcare Staffing for 17 years. She is passionate about all things compliance and enjoys staying ahead of the curve regarding the constant changes that come our way in this industry. She lives in North Carolina and enjoys spending time in her pool and with her grandkids when she is not working.

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