The Gypsy Nurse Mentors: Meet The Gypsy Nurse Mentors

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The Gypsy Nurse Mentors

Our Gypsy Nurse mentors are here to help guide you to the information that you are seeking. They are happy to answer any questions you may have. If you have any interest in Traveling as a Medical Professional, they are here to help!

paula mentor

Paula Rouse

I’ve been a nurse now for four years I did staff nursing at children’s health care of Atlanta worked in pediatric step down neurology and neurosurgery. I’ve been travel nursing since April 2018. Currently finishing my fourth assignment I’ve only travel nursed in California I’ve worked assignments at Rady Childrens in San Diego, CHLA in Los Angeles and Lucile Packard Stanford Children’s in the Bay Area.  I love travel nursing and the freedom of being off for extended time.

I love to Travel especially abroad travel nursing has given me the opportunities to explore so much. I’m headed back to school in January to finish my masters in nursing with a goal of becoming a nurse practitioner. My favorite place is the beach and I enjoy hiking and yoga.

meg and ty mentors

Megan & Ty

Hi guys! We are Megan and Ty, a travel nurse couple from Charleston, SC. We have been traveling together for about a year now and and are currently working PCU/ stepdown.

In just one year we have been able to work all over the country in New Mexico, Washington, and North Carolina. We love that travel nursing gives us the opportunity and flexibility to explore different areas and experience new things.

On our days off we spend as much time as we can outside doing things like hiking, surfing, yoga, and camping. In order to maximize our time outdoors and eliminate the hassle of moving every three months we are currently finishing the process of converting a van into our home on wheels, which we will be taking to our next assignment in Arizona!

reyanna jpg

ReyAnn Moya

My name is ReyAnn! I’m 27 years old, born and raised in Santa Fe, New Mexico (the land of the best food you’ll ever have.) I’ve been a nurse for 5 years with 4 of those years as an Emergency Department nurse at the only level one trauma center in NM. Nursing is hands down one of the best things I ever did for myself. It has allowed me immense freedom and flexibility in my life. Plus I love what I do and it’s true that ER nurses are a special breed of their own! We’re crazy to say the least.  I started traveling for fun a year into my nursing career as I woke up one day and asked myself “is this really it? Wake up, go to work, go to sleep, repeat? There’s got to be more” so I booked a solo trip to Thailand and the rest is history. I’m on my 27th country and counting. I legitimately get a high from traveling and meeting new people.

When I’m not traveling I’m at a music festival or house/techno event dancing my heart away. I’ve once been referred to as an “uptight hippie” when asking someone to describe me. I love Mother Earth and all that she holds, so I’m also very outdoorsy and rarely say no to spontaneous adventure and trips in general. Hummus and dark chocolate are my two loves in this world.

I started travel nursing to take off more time in between contracts to travel international and in the US. Plus the money isn’t too bad either 😜


Jennifer Traub

My name is Jenny Traub and I have been a registered nurse for 8 years. I spent 3 of them as a travel nurse where I took assignments all over the state of California. I have experience in the ICU, PCU, telemetry and surgical floors.

I am knowledgeable about finding the highest paying contracts in well sought out destinations.

I enjoy traveling the world, spending time with good friends, hiking, the beach, and playing all different kinds of sports. It is naive to think we have unlimited amounts of time here on earth.

We have one life and I try to live every day to the fullest.

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