Jennifer Traub
My name is Jenny Traub and I have been a registered nurse for 8 years. I spent 3 of them as a travel nurse where I took assignments all over the state of California. I have experience in the ICU, PCU, telemetry and surgical floors. I enjoy traveling the world, spending time with good friends, hiking, the beach, and playing all different kinds of sports. It is naive to think we have unlimited amounts of time here on earth. We have one life and I try to live every day to the fullest.
On the Frontlines: A Travel Nurse’s Perspective on the Pandemic
My initial thoughts on the pandemic: When I first heard about coronavirus months ago in January, I thought it was another “headline” the media was blowing way out of proportion. ...
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5 Things All Travel Nurses Should Consider Before Quitting a Difficult Assignment
Let’s face it. When hospitals are calling in travel nurses, it is usually because they are in dire need of extra help because they are so short staffed. This could ...
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Tips Planning a Month Long Vacation as a Travel Nurse
For the past three years working as a travel nurse I have had the same routine. Work a contract for six months, and then take a month off for either ...
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Traits to Have as a Travel Nurse
I have been a nurse for eight years and a travel nurse for three and a half. Throughout my journey I’ve learned some qualities and ways you can act to ...
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Too Close to Home – a Travel Nurse’s loss of a Family Member by Suicide
The effects of mental illness on its sufferers and their loved is all too familiar to me. I had a cousin named Stefan Whom I grew up with and was ...
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Take the Plunge and Go For It
What person in their right mind picks up their life and decides to travel 3,000 miles away from home for a travel nurse job opportunity? Before I Chose to Start Travel ...
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