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The Gypsy Nurse strives to bring the latest and greatest travel nursing articles to our community. We have many articles written by industry experts, fellow travel nurses, travel nurse agencies, and other professionals. These articles are here to help travel nurses and healthcare workers on their professional journeys. Whatever your specialty, experience level, whether you are just starting your travel nurse journey or are a seasoned travel nurse, The Gypsy Nurse’s content library is sure to have something to help support life on the road. Here is a convenient list of the categories of the articles, including videos we currently have on our site.

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Tips for Finding Short-Term Travel Nurse Furnished Housing
Whether you’re an experienced travel nurse or planning your first travel experience, after you take that job, there’s one decision that can make or break your assignment; furnished travel nurse housing! ...
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6 Safety Tips for a Traveling Nurse
TNAA Healthcare provided this article. Your assignment is booked, your bags are packed, and you’re ready to embark on this grand adventure of being a travel nurse! It’s time to explore ...
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What Does a Corrections Nurse Do and How Do You Become One?
AB Staffing Solutions provided this article. As a corrections nurse, you provide healthcare to a portion of the 2.1 million inmates in correctional institutions. Often there are only a handful of ...
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Celebrate Daily Wins in Travel Nursing: A Way of Improving Patient Care
With so much on the shoulders of nurses and frontline healthcare professionals in recent years, you and your nursing staff need a firm foundation of strength and support to perform ...
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How to Get the Best Rental Experience Possible
It’s a challenge that all travel nurses face: housing. While Furnished Finder gives travelers more than 100,000 options for monthly furnished rentals across the country, how do you ensure that ...
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Tips for Managing Chronic Illness While Travel Nursing
Travel nurses deserve all the praise in the world. Considering the physically and mentally demanding nature of the work, it’s incredible how they can care for others the way they ...
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Top Scrub Brands for Travel Nurses
Once again, we asked our Travel Nurse Facebook group members what their favorite brand of scrubs was.  Below you will find five scrub brands voted on by fellow travel nurses ...
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5 Ways Travel Nurses Can Market Themselves
Travel nursing has become a popular profession in recent years. This job lets you explore the country while helping those in need. Unfortunately, the increased competition has made it hard ...
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Tips for Successful Travel Nursing With a Dog
Guest Post by: Valeria Litovchenko A dog can be a great companion for a travel nurse. Travel nurses often have to be away from home for extended periods and can ...
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