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The Gypsy Nurse strives to bring the latest and greatest travel nursing articles to our community. We have many articles written by industry experts, fellow travel nurses, travel nurse agencies, and other professionals. These articles are here to help travel nurses and healthcare workers on their professional journeys. Whatever your specialty, experience level, whether you are just starting your travel nurse journey or are a seasoned travel nurse, The Gypsy Nurse’s content library is sure to have something to help support life on the road. Here is a convenient list of the categories of the articles, including videos we currently have on our site.

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Top Tips for Travel Nursing with a Family
So, your next travel contract is set, and your family is joining. Whether this means that you have a spouse with you for the trip or you are traveling with ...
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Dealing with Homesickness as a Travel Nurse
Titan Medical Group provided this article. Being homesick is a very over-consuming feeling. Whether you’re an hour away from your home and family or 16 hours away, homesickness is a natural ...
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The Voice of The Travel Nurse Report: Our Community Speaks!
Stay or go? What’s working…and what isn’t for Travel Nurses in their professions? The Gypsy Nurse asked you – the travel nurse – those same questions, and we have compiled ...
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Substance Abuse in Travel Nursing: My Recovery
Content Warning: descriptions of drug use are mentioned in this article. If you or some you know are struggling with substance abuse, get help here. September 20, 2018 Earlier this week, ...
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Building a Routine While Working as a Travel Nurse
Most people thrive when their lives have some routine. It doesn’t mean you eat the same meals each day, go through an exact workout routine, or watch the same TV ...
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9 Products Travel Nurses Swear By
Gifted Healthcare provided this article. Some products are a must-pack for every assignment if you’re a travel nurse. Whether heading out on your first travel assignment or your hundredth, check out ...
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How To Avoid Weight Gain While Traveling On Night Shift
Medical Edge Recruitment provided this article. Written by: Christine Purviance, BSN, RN, Director of Clinical Services at Medical Edge Recruitment It is no secret that working night shift can cause ...
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Traveler Tips for Adjusting to New Environments on Assignment
TNAA Healthcare provided this article. The prospect of picking your life up and moving from place to place can be both exhilarating and overwhelming for a new travel nurse. Beyond your ...
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New Study Shows 30% are more satisfied today than before the pandemic; 85% plan to continue their travel nursing careers BOCA RATON, Fla. – September 19, 2022 – Burnout, turnover, ...
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