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Managing personal Wellness for Travel Nurses can be a challenge. We’ve got the scoop on how to make this a part of your routine. Check out these tips, tricks, and hacks.

Why Do We Provide Better Preventative Maintenance for our Cars Than We do For Ourselves?
Self-care or preventative maintenance has a long list of benefits: optimizing your immune system, relieving stress, improving resilience, having a more positive mindset, greater well-being, improved sleep, better able to ...
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10 Tips For Keeping a Balance Between Life and Nursing Work
It turns out that nurses are the most popular and wanted professionals in the whole healthcare industry. Nurses have a very important job that not every person can handle. Sometimes, ...
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5 Ways Lack of Sleep Affects Your Health
The world is stressful, and it can be hard to get a good night’s sleep. Here’s a stressful thought for you: lack of sleep causes many serious health problems, in ...
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A Mat and Two Dumbbells; Easy Exercises for Travel Nurses
One of our reasons for not working out as travel nurses is not making it to the gym. Maybe because of distance or time. This is very understandable, but then ...
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High-Energy Meals to Help you Power Through Your Shift (& COVID-19)
This article was provided by Jackson Nurse Professionals. 42% of nurses are skipping their lunch and dinner breaks during the pandemic, putting their health at risk for the care of ...
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Heart-Healthy Foods to Keep you Healthy
This article was provided by Titan Medical. Each year hundreds and thousands of people lose their life due to heart disease. This Valentine’s Day, focus on your heart and keeping yourself healthy! ...
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The Benefits of Compression Socks
Nurses are on their feet for sometimes 12+ hours at a time.  Sometimes even more.  Finding ways to keep your feet comfortable is imperative.  Great shoes play a huge part ...
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How to Stay Healthy Out on the Road During Winter
Any time of extended travel can affect your health, but this is especially true during winter’s harsh weather. Travel can be stressful. As a travel nurse, you know this firsthand. ...
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5 Self-Care Ideas for Managing Mental Health and Increasing Wellbeing
Self-care and mental health are essential for anyone that wants to live a happy life. An extensive definition of self-care means taking an active role in safeguarding one’s well being ...
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