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Managing personal Wellness for Travel Nurses can be a challenge. We’ve got the scoop on how to make this a part of your routine. Check out these tips, tricks, and hacks.

Wellness for Warriors in Healthcare
Wellness Warriors As healthcare professionals, we give so much to others. For the longevity of our service to others, we must begin to give care also to ourselves.  From a ...
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7 Essential Skincare Tips While Traveling This Summer
Have you ever heard that a skincare routine is on the top of any traveler’s to-do list? No, right! That’s because travelers hardly take care of their skin while on ...
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Can Acupuncture Help Relieve Your Stress as a Travel Nurse?
This article was provided by Jackson Nurse Professionals. While you might love travel nursing and exploring new destinations, sometimes the stress and anxiety you experience on a day-to-day basis can ...
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5 Best Ways for Travel Nurses To Relax After Hard Day
Although all jobs can be stressful, nursing creates more critical and sensitive issues. Plenty of research shows that health-care professionals deal with stress on a day-to-day basis. Nursing is one ...
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Healthy Meal Delivery Options for Travel Nurses
Eating healthy can be difficult for anyone.  Add packing up and moving every 13 weeks or more.  That makes it even more difficult.  There are so many options for fast ...
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Yoga, Meditation, Self-Care, and Why I Started This Journey
What is our purpose in life?  This is a question I have found myself asking many times over the years, first arising during my senior year in nursing school. I ...
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Stress Relief: 5 Activities That Can Help Travel Nurses Relax
Stress is inherent in any work, and travel nurses are not exempted from it. As a nurse, you are exposed to physical exhaustion, endless documentation, and more. Add to that ...
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Healthy Eating Tips for A Travel Nurse
This article was provided by Tailored Healthcare Staffing. As a travel nurse or a Super Nurse in any capacity, you’re often required to work long shifts. After all those hours ...
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5 Ways to Focus on Mental Health While Traveling
This article was provided by Travel Nurse Across America. Your mental health is important. As a healthcare professional working through a global pandemic, it can feel like the weight of ...
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