Lifestyle Articles for Travel Nurses and Healthcare Workers

In this category, you will find a wide array of lifestyle article topics. From health, wellness, mental health to tips for self-care.  The articles in this category are meant for travel nurses to utilize in their personal lives.  Reading about the industry and tips is great. However, sometimes you need to step away from the career and look for your personal life and lifestyle.  You will find those here!

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Staying Active and Connected During Your Travel Assignment
Vibra Travels provided this article. Being away from home as a travel nurse can be difficult. You may find yourself not taking care of yourself and feeling disconnected. We have ...
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4 Ways Travel Nursing Can Help You Achieve Your Financial Goals More Quickly
RNnetwork provided this article. Many nurses say one of the primary reasons they start travel nursing is to achieve their financial goals faster than they could in a permanent position. One ...
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Fitness Tips for After the Holidays: Back to Travel and Staying Healthy
The holiday season is a delightful time filled with family gatherings, gift exchanges, and indulgent feasts. It’s easy to let healthy habits slip during this festive period, but as a ...
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8 Tips for Beating the Winter Blues as a Travel Nurse
TNAA-Travel Nurse Across America provided this article. Winter can be a magical season filled with cozy nights, holiday celebrations, and the charm of snow-covered landscapes. However, for travel nurses constantly on ...
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Mental Health in the Medical Field
Titan Medical Group provided this article. Encouraging healthcare professionals to prioritize their mental health is important to us here at Titan Medical. The mental health of healthcare professionals is vital as ...
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It’s Time to Think About Tax Returns
Once Christmas and New Year’s holidays have passed and you have moved on from wondering where 2023 went, one of the first rituals you will embark on is your tax ...
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The Importance of Mental Health in Nursing and Practical Self-Care Tips
Medical Edge Recruitment provided this article. By: Zachary Hall, Key Account Manager, Medical Edge Recruitment As a travel nurse, committing to contracts lasting 8-13 weeks or longer often places you far ...
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Taking Care of Your Health While on the Move as a Travel Nurse
As a travel nurse, you’re doing fantastic work caring for patients worldwide. However, the issue can sometimes be that you’re so concerned with helping others that you forget to care ...
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Why Travel Nurses Must Take Time for Themselves (And How You Can!)
Medical Solutions provided this article. When you hear the phrase “work-life balance,” what comes to mind? Those newer to travel nursing, and even veteran travel nurses, sometimes feel like it’s a ...
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