Mental Health Articles for Travel Nurses and Health Care Workers

As a travel nurse, your mental health is of great importance. You cannot fully care for others if you aren’t caring for yourself. In this category, you will find articles to help you keep on top of your mental health. As well as tips to help you maintain your mental health.  You will also find tips for self-care and relaxation.

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Avoiding Homesickness While Travel Nursing
Travel nursing is exciting, adventurous, and thrilling but can also be challenging! Leaving home for periods of time can leave you feeling like you’re missing a part of yourself, and ...
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How to Not Lose Access to Mental Health Treatment As A Travel Nurse
Are you excited to start travel nursing but unsure how to maintain access to mental health treatment? I was ecstatic when I accepted my first travel nursing job, but little ...
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The Gypsy Nurse Spring Virtual Conference 2023
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Mind and Body: How Travel Nurses Can Stay Healthy Through Shifts  
Every job type differs from the other; one can be less stressful, and the other can be very overwhelming. By not trying to minimize other people’s jobs, we have to ...
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Reflecting on Life as an ICU Nurse During COVID-19: Mental Health
Medical Edge Recruitment provided this article. Written by: Christine Purviance, BSN, RN, Director of Clinical Services at Medical Edge Recruitment It has been just over three years since the first case ...
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Prioritizing Mental Health – Wellness Resources for Travel Nurses
Fastaff provided this article. The need for nurses is at an all-time high. During the past few years, nurses have faced extreme challenges, from the pandemic to working long hours and ...
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How to Achieve the Perfect Work-Life Balance as a Travel Nurse
Favorite Healthcare Staffing provided this article. As a nurse, you are constantly seeking the perfect balance between your personal life and professional responsibilities. You strive to be the very best caregiver ...
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20 Great Coping Skills For Travel Nurses
Host Healthcare provided this article. Although there are many advantages of being a nurse, stress is a guaranteed part of any nursing practice and specialty. Understanding how to deal with workplace ...
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How Travel Nurses Can Look After Their Mental Health While Away From Home
Nurses undergo tremendous pressure and often experience compassion fatigue, guilt, and a mix of other emotions in a single day. For travel nurses, adapting to new situations and scenarios poses ...
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