Mental Health Articles for Travel Nurses and Health Care Workers

As a travel nurse, your mental health is of great importance. You cannot fully care for others if you aren’t caring for yourself. In this category, you will find articles to help you keep on top of your mental health. As well as tips to help you maintain your mental health.  You will also find tips for self-care and relaxation.

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The Signs and Warnings I Saw: My Husband’s Suicide
I wish I could give you a comprehensive checklist or even a flow chart on warning signs of suicide.  Wouldn’t it be nice if you could easily make the next ...
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Keeping in Shape is Essential to Your Health and Wellness While Travel Nursing
Travel nursing is a rewarding field that is also strenuous. These nurses fill temporary positions in high-need areas to help local medical professionals meet regional health care demands. A travel ...
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7 Simple & Effective Yoga Poses for Travel Nurses
Host Healthcare provided this article. 7 Simple & Effective Yoga Poses To Help Travel Nurses Release Daily Stress Saving lives is never easy. Yes, working as a travel nurse will always ...
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How to Handle Loneliness as a Travel Nurse on Assignment
As a travel nurse, you pack up your belongings after every assignment ends.  Often, these assignments are thousands of miles away from your family and friends.  So, how do you ...
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Exhausted to Extraordinary in 90 Days: The Breakthrough Burnout Event
Are you beyond resentful at everyone and everything, feeling stuck and unsure about what to do to get back to yourself? Are you living in dread and fear and want ...
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Strong Advice for Keeping up a Healthy Lifestyle
Simply said, when we are healthy, we perform at our best. But is keeping up a great state of health really so easy? There are many temptations that we must ...
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Strategies for Dealing with Nurse Burnout
Fusion Medical Staffing provided this article. Raise your hand if you’ve ever had a bad day at work. As the backbone of the healthcare system, registered nurses (RNs) have seen some serious ...
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Taking Care of Yourself As a Travel Nurse
Nursing is an incredibly taxing profession. With the current nursing shortage worldwide, there has been an uptick in travel nurses. These specialists spend a few weeks helping a hospital or ...
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Drug Abuse & Mental Health Within Travel Nursing
Travel nurse veteran Misty Lack was diagnosed with Major Depressive Disorder and Severe Opioid Dependence. She was her own drug dealer during the two years she abused drugs. Misty lived ...
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