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Emergency Fund for Newbies

So, you want to be a traveler and make the ‘Big Bucks’? The first thing to realize is that Travel Nursing isn’t the ‘cash cow’ that many think it is! ...

Five Reasons Why You Should Shop Small in Your New City

On the Saturday after Black Friday, it’s encouraged that we shop local to celebrate and support small businesses and all that they do for the community. As a traveler, you ...

TGN Virtual Conference: 1 Hour Yoga Session

Presenter: Stacey Reynolds. Yoga Session Join Stacey Reynolds in a 1-hour yoga session along with tips for nurses to stay relaxed. About Stacey: Stacey Reynolds is the owner and operator ...

“ An Amazing Resource…

The Gypsy Nurse community has been such an amazing resource for me during my time as a travel nurse. The Travel Nurse Guide was incredibly helpful and assisted me to be well prepared for my first contract! The blog itself has been so inspiring for me and makes me proud to be both a writer and a member of the Gypsy Nurse community!

Haleigh G, RN

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