New to Travel Nursing Articles for Travel Nurses and Healthcare Workers

Are you thinking about taking the leap into a career as a travel nurse? Are you just starting out in travel nursing? These articles are written just for you. Veteran travel nurses, there may be something in here for you as well.

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How to Become a Traveling Nurse
Many people are interested in becoming a traveling nurse, and there are plenty of good reasons driving this career choice. For example, as a traveling nurse, you’ll have the ability ...
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Tips to Get the Best Travel Nurse Assignments
RNnetwork provided this article. Quitting your full-time job and applying for travel nursing jobs can be a bit scary. You’re embarking on a brand-new position with brand-new people, and you’re ...
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Starting Life as a Travel Nurse
Today we’re discussing the world of travel nursing. How did I begin? Why did I start? You should keep in mind some key items before beginning your travel nursing journey. ...
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Travel Nurses Need Mentors Too: Here’s How to Find One
When you work as a travel nurse and only spend a few weeks or months at a time in one place, you probably think that having a nurse mentor is ...
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How to Combat Feelings of Loneliness on your Travel Nursing Assignment
Each new travel assignment opens up a world of possibilities. New people to meet, new hospital to work in, new adventures to be had, and new cultures to experience. Despite ...
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5 Ways to Succeed as a Travel Nurse
PRN Healthcare provided this article. Travel nursing is a great way to live out your passion in your nursing career as well as your lifestyle! Nursing isn’t an easy career ...
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2022 Nurses Week: Rooted in Strength
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Jobs Fill Your Pockets, but Travel Nurse Adventures Fill Your Soul
The End of My Travel Nurse Adventures….or so I thought Last year I decided to stop travel nursing. I accepted a job in Dallas, TX. After falling in love, I ...
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Canadian Travel Nurse Working in the U.S.
So, you think we’re just neighbors eh?  Myself, a Canadian travel nurse RN, BSN with over five years of nursing experience started as a traveling RN well over two years ...
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