New to Travel Nursing Articles for Travel Nurses and Healthcare Workers

Are you thinking about taking the leap into a career as a travel nurse? Are you just starting out in travel nursing? These articles are written just for you. Veteran travel nurses, there may be something in here for you as well.

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An Expert’s Guide to Being a New Travel Nurse
Calling myself an Expert Ok well calling myself an expert might be a bit of a stretch, but I have done this eight times in about two years, so the ...
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19 Tips for Traveling Nurses
Travel Nursing is a great way to see the world while still earning a paycheck.  However, there are some things you need to know before you decide to become a ...
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Hacking the Packing: 6 Tips to Packing Light and Right
Packing light is nothing short of a task considering we all love to overpack. A minimalist’s approach to packing is one that most of us do not see eye-to-eye with. ...
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Starting a Travel Nurse Assignment Without Housing
For the last several months, the travel nurse job market has been less than predictable. Some specialties are seeing tons of crisis contracts and great rates, while other areas of ...
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How to Make Temporary Housing Feel More Personalized
Travel nursing can be an exciting opportunity to experience new places and acquire professional skills, but even the most seasoned traveler isn’t immune to homesickness. No matter how warm and ...
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How to Handle Loneliness as a Travel Nurse on Assignment
As a travel nurse, you are packing up your belongings after every assignment ends.  Many times, these assignments are thousands of miles away from your family and friends.  So, how ...
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Learning by Default: Homeschooling on the Road
We are huge believers that kids enhance your life and travel dreams instead of hindering you or holding you back.  When I was pregnant, we backpacked in Europe and hiked ...
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How to Get the Most Out of Your Travel Assignment
As a travel nurse, you are making a big difference in every community you visit. The care you provide is without comparison, and it always leaves a lasting impression. While ...
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Highest Paying Travel Nursing Specialties
This article was provided by Medely. Think about the reason you went into Nursing… It probably wasn’t for fame and fortune, was it? Instead, most Nurses we talk to found ...
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