Travel Nurse Paperwork Organization

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By The Gypsy Nurse

August 8, 2018



Step #17: Keeping Track of Your Travel Nurse Paperwork

Travel nurse paperwork organization is very simple in the age of technology and online storage. Stay organized as you go to help minimize frustration down the line!

Determine what travel nurse paperwork you need

We have covered most of the important items you will need access to, but now is a great time to review your checklist.

When organizing your travel nurse paperwork, make sure you have the following:

  • Travel Nurse Portfolio
  • Personal Documents
    • Birth Certificate
    • Social Security Card
    • Insurance Cards (auto, life, home, etc.)
    • Passport (if applicable)
    • Work Visa (if applicable)
    • Health Information/prescriptions
  • Tax Paperwork
    • This post by Joseph Smith at Travel Tax answers many Frequently Asked Questions regarding travel nurse taxes and record keeping. For most travel nurses, itemizing tax deductions won’t be worth it, so talk to a tax professional about your unique situation before you drive yourself crazy keeping track of tons of paperwork.

Organizing your travel nurse paperwork

Once you have determined what files you need access to, the next question is how do you organize travel nurse paperwork.  There are many ways to organize your paperwork and many websites dedicated to organization that you can check out for recommendations.  Perhaps you already have a system that works and need to make it mobile?  Here are a few ideas on how to get organized:

  • Accordion Files
    • Having an accordion file is a nice, compact way to keep all of your important documents organized and safe.
  • Binder with Tabs
    • A three-ring binder with folders or tabs is another great way to store important documents. Keeping each tab organized by color can be helpful.
  • Google Drive
    • You can easily make a Google Drive folder to keep digital copies of all of your travel nurse paperwork handy. There are tons of free scanner apps that even let you convert pictures of important documents to PDF format.


When you are constantly on the move, theft or loss of documents can be more likely. No matter what method you use for travel nurse paperwork organization, be sure to have both physical and digital backup copies. For digital copies, having a portable hard drive is a great way to keep your documents safe without internet access. Consider keeping a safety deposit box or fireproof safe at home to store backup copies of physical documents.

Do you have a great suggestion or tool for staying organized while mobile? I want to hear them.  What are your thoughts on the list/suggestions above?

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