Insurance & Benefits Articles for Travel Nurses and Healthcare Workers

Finding insurance and benefits as a travel nurse can be difficult and confusing. These articles will give you some tips and advice on choosing insurance and benefits as a travel nurse.

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Best Health Insurance For Travel Nurses!
This article was provided by Next Travel Nursing. Choosing to embark on a travel nursing career is one of the most exciting decisions you can make. It opens up a ...
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Frequently Asked Friday: Insurance Options for Travel Nurses
Insurance options for travel nurses are always a hot topic in our Facebook group.  We found that many people can’t afford what is offered through their agency or even the ...
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Ask A Travel Nurse: Insurance Between Contracts
Gypsy, I’ll be ending my travel nurse contract soon and I’m planning to take time off between contracts.  What do you do for insurance between contracts?  COBRA is so expensive. ...
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Travel Nurses and Sick Pay Laws: When it Affects You
This is a sponsored post by Health Providers Choice. Many people in the United States face a tough choice when they get sick on a workday. For people in hourly ...
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As a Travel Nurse, What Should I Do With My 401(k)?
Many travel nursing companies have 401k plans in place and offer the plan as an employee benefit for their travel nurses. The 401k is a great place to put money ...
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Disability Insurance- What Every Travel Nurse Needs to Know
Guest post by: Kyle Richert, Lifetime Financial Growth, LLC “The $3-9 million or more you’ll likely earn over the course of your medical career is surely an asset worth insuring…” Most people know ...
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Travel Insurance for the Travel Nurse
They say that hoping that the world will be good for you because you are a good person is like believing that a lion will not eat you just because ...
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