Insurance: How to Use Medical Insurance as a Travel Nurse

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By Kevin Devoto

November 26, 2022



How to Use Medical Insurance as a Travel Nurse

Medical insurance is a necessity for everyone. It covers the treatment that you will receive if you are hurt or injured. As a contract employee, there are several options for you to consider as you make plans for your next assignment. Here are a few ways to use this coverage as a traveling nurse. 

Get Insurance From Your Employer

Before you can utilize medical insurance, you have to have it. There are a couple of options available for you to consider. First, you can join the plan that the company that you are employed by offers. Although you may be several miles away from your home office, there might be insurtech that can assist you in filling out an application. This option is cheaper and has better coverage than the other potential solutions. However, if you switch from one corporation to another for each assignment, you will have to continually change programs. This can be difficult to keep up with and could cause issues for you if an emergency arises, and you are between policies. 

Buy a Policy On Your Own

Another option for you to consider is to purchase medical insurance on your own. This can be an expensive venture. However, you can be sure that you will always have the coverage you require. Research agencies that offer policies to traveling nurses. Look into what it will pay for and what you will have to take care of out of pocket. This is a great opportunity to look into other types of insurance, such as life or pet. Once you have found one that works for you, contact an agent, and ask what steps you must take to get it started. Be prepared to put money down immediately for your first month and have whatever documents they ask for to get everything into place.

Talk To Your Employer

There are a few questions that you should talk to a representative from the organization that you work with before you determine what to do about your medical insurance. You want to find the best option that will save you money but take care of as many expenses as possible if you were to get sick or injured.  Ask what the premium will be for you and your family and how much they will be paying for you to take it. Find out if they have a policy that will extend past your employment with them to bridge the gap with your next assignment. You can also inquire if they will give you cash back or raise your pay if you choose to get your own. You can use these answers to leverage what is the best solution for you.

Think About How Your Lifestyle Relates To This

Consider what your life is like as you make these decisions. Your family will need continual care. In this situation, you should purchase a policy of your own outside of the company that you are contracted with. You may also consider being included on your spouse’s medical insurance and pay the fees. Another debate to have with yourself is what level of coverage is right for you. You may need dental, vision, and prescription, which could be difficult to come by with an independent provider. Be sure that you can contact the corporate office to get new cards and any additional help when your schedule allows, which can be a challenge when you are away from home. Medical insurance is an important part of your employment. As a traveling nurse, finding the right policy that will fit what you do can be challenging. Determining whether you should partner with your employer or find coverage on your own and be sure that it relates to your lifestyle will help you find one that is affordable and takes care of your needs.

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