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Charting Made Easy:  The SOAPI Note
You may have heard the adage in nursing school or from a co-worker:  As a nurse, “if you didn’t chart it, it didn’t happen!”  Charting takes up a large portion ...
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Contract Issues Surrounding the Holidays
There are a lot of discussions currently going on about holiday work. I thought I would put together a quick list of some of the major issues surrounding the holidays ...
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Writing a GREAT Travel Nurse Resume
An up to date resume is a vital part of any Travel Nurse Portfolio when submitting to a new travel nurse agency. Writing a great travel nurse resume can be ...
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Interviewing Your Travel Nurse Recruiter
Finding a great recruiter and agency can be crucial to your travel nurse experience. It’s important to interview your travel nurse recruiter to make sure that they are a good ...
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Characteristics of a Great Travel Nurse Recruiter
Recently, there was a conversation on our Gypsy Nurse Network group about the characteristics of a great travel nurse recruiter. Our group members had very similar comments. Here are the TOP responses ...
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How Travel Nurses Can Adopt Telehealth Accessibility on the Road
Nursing is a timeless profession, but that doesn’t mean the role is prone to stagnation. If anything, nursing is a field that is constantly changing. Much like the shift in ...
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Travel Nursing: Things To Think About Before You Start
Benjamin Franklin once said, “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” This is why you can’t start a career without having a plan, including being a travel nurse. ...
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Top 5 of the Most In-Demand Travel Nurse Specialties
When it comes to the topmost in-demand travel nurse specialties, there are two things to look out for. One is the demand for nurses’ services in that field, and the ...
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Travel Nurse Essentials: What to Pack for Your Next Travel Nursing Assignment
Nurses are often found in hospitals, nursing homes, and other medical facilities. The plane is the least location we expect them to be until the dawn of the travel nursing ...
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