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10 Things You Need to Know if You Date a Travel Nurse
It’s a romantic notion to date a travel nurse. You know, one of those free-spirited people who roam after the wind and return home with twigs in their hair and dust ...
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Life: 13 Weeks at a Time – as a Travel Nurse
Working as a Travel Nurse, most of our life is planned out in 13-week blocks. Whether we are planning for the “during a travel assignment” or the “between travel assignments,” ...
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Find Your Perfect Fit: Tips for Travel Nurse Housing in Short-Term Furnished Rentals
Whether you’re an experienced travel nurse or planning your first travel experience, after you take that job, there’s one decision that can make or break your assignment; furnished travel nurse housing! ...
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How International Travel Nursing Works
International Travel Nursing can be a complicated and time-consuming process.  If you are looking into International Travel nursing, we recommend allowing yourself a minimum of 6 months to prepare and ...
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8 Job Ideas for the Travel Nurse Spouse
How do Travel Nurse Spouses find Jobs? One of our Gypsy Nurse Network Group members asks; “My significant other would like to travel with me, but he would like to ...
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Tips for Successful Travel Nursing With a Dog
Guest Post by: Valeria Litovchenko A dog can be a great companion for a travel nurse. Travel nurses often have to be away from home for extended periods and can ...
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Ensuring Stability: Guaranteed Hours for Travel Nurses Explained
In travel nursing, one of the most misunderstood and undervalued benefits is the travel nurse guaranteed pay or hours. Agencies use the terms quite often. However, their definitions can vary drastically. ...
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The Perks and Rewards of Being a Travel Nurse
Traveling is an opportunity to see new places, meet new people, and experience different areas. What’s better than being able to travel and work and get paid top dollar for ...
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The Voice of The Travel Nurse Report: Our Community Speaks!
Stay or go? What’s working…and what isn’t for Travel Nurses in their professions? The Gypsy Nurse asked you – the travel nurse – those same questions, and we have compiled ...
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