Pets: Articles for Travel Nurses and Healthcare Workers

Are you a travel nurse who travels with pets and would like some insight into making this more manageable and less stressful on your pet? The articles in this category will give you great tips on traveling with our furry companion. We hope these articles make it less stressful and more manageable for all involved!
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Make Traveling With Your Dog Paw-Friendly With These Apps!
LeaderStat provided this article. Hey there, pet lovers! Did you know that there are about 63 million dog-owning households in the US alone? That’s a whole lot of wagging tails! Whether ...
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Step-by-Step: Navigating the Challenges of Travel Nursing with Pets
Travel nursing is one of the most exciting career choices. You get to travel the country and help people of all kinds. Bring your pet along with you, and the ...
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How to Keep Your Pets Safe During RV Travel
Working as a travel nurse while living in an RV is a great way to bring your home with you wherever you go. There are a lot of reasons people ...
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Tips for Travel Nurses Traveling with Pets
AMN Healthcare provided this article. Travel nurse jobs can take you far from friends and family for months, but traveling with a pet is a great way to avoid loneliness, alleviate ...
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Pet-Friendly Housing Options for Travel Nurses
Fusion Medical Staffing provided this article. One of the most frequently asked questions about travel nursing is, “Can I travel nurse with pets?” The answer: definitely! However, bringing your furry friend ...
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Why You Should Consider Travel Nursing with a Pet
Amare Medical Network provided this article. By Jaclyn Neilly, BSN, BA, RN, Director of Clinical Services at Amare Medical Network What would we do without our pets? I don’t know about ...
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Tips for Successful Travel Nursing With a Dog
Guest Post by: Valeria Litovchenko A dog can be a great companion for a travel nurse. Travel nurses often have to be away from home for extended periods and can ...
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Things to Never Leave Home Without When Traveling With a Dog.
Hi friends! Amber from @shesoutwandering here with Zoe, Myla, and Enalina from @lovedogs_traveloften. Traveling around the country with pups isn’t always easy, but it is always worth it! Bringing along ...
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The Perks and Possibilities with Pets on the Move
This article is provided by Travel Nurse Across America®. 5 Considerations for Travel Nurses No doubt when you are a travel nurse, it can sometimes feel like a vacation. It’s ...
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