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The Gypsy Nurse is the largest and most active online resource and community for travel nurses. We are proud to be a resource for travel nurses and are dedicated to providing powerful tools, information, and social connectivity with complete transparency to our members. We offer thousands of profound articles for travel nurses, and our website has free online tools to connect nurses from around the U.S. Many use our website and social media for the 500,000+ followers from our social platforms. These are just some reasons why we’re today’s #1 travel nursing community.
New Study Shows 30% are more satisfied today than before the pandemic; 85% plan to continue their travel nursing careers BOCA RATON, Fla. – September 19, 2022 – Burnout, turnover, ...
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The Voice of The Travel Nurse
Thanks for your interest in “The Voice of The Travel Nurse” report.  Please email us at if you would like further information about this report, or advertising opportunities with us ...
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Exhausted to Extraordinary in 90 Days: The Breakthrough Burnout Event
Are you beyond resentful at everyone and everything, feeling stuck and unsure about what to do to get back to yourself? Are you living in dread and fear and want ...
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TravCon: Why YOU Need To Be There!
TravCon is September 18-21, 2022 TravCon is an event with over 1500 traveling healthcare professionals. It is full of networking, education, and fun! We recently had TravCon experts Julia Kuhn ...
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3 Steps to Avoid Debt When Travel Nursing
When it comes to a career in travel nursing, one of the best ways to find success in the field is to become comfortable in uncomfortable situations. Over your career, ...
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The Benefits of Having a Travel Nurse Guide
While there are certainly peaks and valleys in travel nursing, it is comforting to have someone on the inside to guide you along the winding paths that await your next ...
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Travel Nurses Need Mentors Too: Here’s How to Find One
When you work as a travel nurse and only spend a few weeks or months at a time in one place, you probably think that having a nurse mentor is ...
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Taking a Break From Travel Nursing
While travel nursing can provide adventure and reward, it can also be taxing. Though the day-to-day in each assignment may be similar to a traditional nursing job, hopping from one ...
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The Importance of Annual Eye Appointments
It is easy to forget or procrastinate on your annual appointments when your life consists of a busy schedule and lots of travel. One of the most important, often overlooked, ...
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