International Travel: Articles for Travel Nurses and Healthcare Workers

Some travel nurses don’t just stay in the United States.  They take their career international.  In this category, you will find some informative articles on travel nurse international experiences from travelers that have ‘been there.’ These articles include travel nursing, volunteer nursing as well as international traveling for vacation.


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How to Have a Successful Nursing Career in a Foreign Country
The noble and fulfilling field of nursing is international. The prospect of fresh chances and experiences inspires many nurses to pursue their careers abroad. Whether you are thinking about relocating ...
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4 Surprising Ways to Travel Nurse Abroad
Being a travel nurse is great because it lets you see new places, have a flexible schedule, and make good pay. However, things can get tricky if you want to ...
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How International Travel Nursing Works
International Travel Nursing can be a complicated and time-consuming process.  If you are looking into International Travel nursing, we recommend allowing yourself a minimum of 6 months to prepare and ...
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Seize Global Opportunities: International Travel Nursing Await You
Onestaff Medical provided this article. Have you been dreaming of traveling the world as a nurse? You’ve probably heard of Doctors Without Borders, but did you know that being an international ...
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How Can a Travel Nurse Learn & Overcome a Language Barrier?
The profession and duties of a travel nurse are similar to a staffing nurse that works in one location, but the resources they require for their job are different. For ...
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International Travel Nurse: 7 Best European Countries
Leaving your country searching for better job opportunities is not uncommon these days. Regardless of their profession, many individuals seek employment in a foreign country. If they believe that the ...
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The Differences Between Travel Nursing in Canada vs. The United States
Over the past few months, I’ve been in contact with a lot of other travel nurses via social media, and most of them are from the US! It’s been really ...
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5 Tips When Volunteering Abroad
Giving of your self and time is a big commitment.  Here are some tips from a fellow volunteer travel nurse on volunteering abroad. 5 Tips When Volunteering Abroad Stay open ...
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Travel Nursing: Experiences of Nurses Around the World
Travel nursing is a career that offers both flexibility and adventure. The job requires nurses to experience working around the world, and after a few weeks or months, they move ...
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