International Travel: Articles for Travel Nurses and Healthcare Workers

Some travel nurses don’t just stay in the United States.  They take their career international.  In this category, you will find some informative articles on travel nurse international experiences from travelers that have ‘been there.’ These articles include travel nursing, volunteer nursing as well as international traveling for vacation.


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Volunteering in Liberia: Understanding the Risks
The Gypsy Nurse is heading to Liberia with Cross Cultural Care As you probably already read, The Gypsy Nurse is going to be volunteering in Liberia.  I plan to bring you ...
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Volunteering In Liberia – The ‘To Do’ List
The Gypsy Nurse is volunteering in Liberia with Cross Cultural Care As you probably already read, The Gypsy Nurse is going to volunteer in Liberia.  I plan to bring you along ...
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A Travel Nurse Relocating to Australia: Trials and Tribulations
As a Travel Nurse relocating to Australia is a scary prospect. I’d thought I’d had greater culture shock in Miami, but starting my Australian nursing position changed my mind. Traveling ...
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The How-To Guide for Australia Travel Nurse
Getting Registered in Australia. Are you considering Australian travel nursing?  Below you will find information on the process to begin Australian travel nursing to help you on your way. The ...
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International Travel Nursing
International Travel Nursing can be a complicated and time-consuming process.  If you are looking into International Travel nursing, I would recommend that you allow yourself a minimum of 6 months ...
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