The 7 Best European Countries for Travel Nurses to Work in and Travel To

By Theodora Evans

November 20, 2019



The 7 Best European Countries for Travel Nurses to Seek Jobs in and Travel Around

best European countries

Leaving your country in search of better job opportunities is not uncommon these days. Many individuals, regardless of their profession, seek employment in a foreign country. If they believe that the standard of living, quality of life and salaries are superior to those of their homeland. The situation is no different for nurses. If you are a nurse looking for a job in a European country, take a look at the list below for the 7 best European countries for travel nurses to work in or travel to. They are listed in no particular order.

Best European Countries for Travel Nurses to Work in or Travel to:

1. The Netherlands

best European Countries

The first destination on our list and one you definitely cannot overlook is the Netherlands. Having one of the most stable economies and potentially the best healthcare system in Europe. It’s easy to see why health professionals flock to this country. Having a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) that is accepted internationally is vital. Then, register with the BIG register (for healthcare professionals) in order to be able to work in the Netherlands. Next obtain a work permit and see whether you need an employer to sponsor you. Also, while most Dutch people are perfectly fluent in English, understanding the local language will be a huge advantage. So, get to grips with it. €55,000 or roughly $60,500 is the average salary you can expect.

2. Germany

According to research published by the Federal Employment Agency, there is a huge shortage of nurses in Germany. For every 100 vacancies, there are only 19 geriatric nurse candidates. In addition to reforming their nursing training, Germany is also recruiting professionals from other countries. If you’re considering this destination, you will need a license. And quite possibly an adaptation course in order to make sure your language and professional skills meet the requirements. Moreover, depending on where you are from, you might need a visa. For the visa to be issued, you will need to take out the relevant insurance. Regardless of how long you will be staying in the country. While the salary may differ due to skills, experience and location, a monthly average is around 3,500 EUR or $3850, which can amount to over €40,000 or $44,000 per year.

3. Switzerland

best European countries

Germany’s southern neighbor – Switzerland – is another place where there is a shortage of nurses. However, the Swiss are a little stricter in their acceptance of foreign workers. One of the prerequisites is that you speak at least one of their national languages, German, Italian and/or French. Knowing only English is not acceptable and you will have to pass an exam for one of those languages, which depends on the area in which you seek employment. The Swiss Red Cross is in charge of overseeing all applications and credentials for foreigners. As of 2015, the cost of having your credentials evaluated is around €550 or a little over $600 and it can take several months before it is completed. The average salary for nurses in Switzerland is around €52,000 or $57,000.

4. Luxembourg

Luxembourg might be a tiny country, however, its economy is anything but. While known as a tax haven, this micro-state nestled between Germany, Belgium and France is also an amazing location for healthcare workers. The biggest downside here is probably the fact that due to its size, getting a job there is very difficult and people sometimes wait for years for an opening. You must petition the Ministry of Health and obtain a visa to be considered for a position in Luxembourg. However, if you manage to get your foot in the door, you will experience plenty of benefits. Seeing as how this country has the highest nurse salaries in the world – ranging from €54,000 to €113,000 or $59,000 to $124,000.

5. Norway

This Scandinavian country, home to countless gorgeous fjords cannot be skipped when it comes to finding employment in the healthcare sector. Thanks to their socially progressive attitude and the standard of living, it is no wonder that their healthcare system is top-notch as well. Due to longer life expectancy nowadays. It is thought that Norway will require more than 100,000 healthcare workers in the next 20 years. Most of them will have to come from other countries. However, in order to work in this Nordic country; you will have to obtain a visa, speak Norwegian well and receive certification from The Norwegian Registration Authority for Health Personnel (SAK). Salaries are usually upwards of €47,000 but some experienced and specialized nurses can earn even over €90,000 or $99,000.

6. Denmark

Another Scandinavian country finds itself on this list and it is to be expected considering the quality of life in these northern nations. Seeing how healthcare in Denmark is financed by taxpayers, it allows residents to receive medical aid more easily. If you’re planning on moving to this country, in addition to mastering the language, you should keep in mind that the government will have to give you authorization in order to get a work permit. However, you’ll be glad to hear that qualified and experienced practitioners with a degree are always welcome. In terms of money, you can expect around €44,000 euros a year or $48,400.

7. Ireland

Best European Countries

A good option for English-speaking nurses, Ireland is another destination that provides variety and plenty of opportunities. Registering with the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Ireland (NMBI) is obligatory in order to be a nurse on the Emerald Isle. It is stressed not to move to Ireland or apply for a job before your credentials have been checked. And you’ve received certification from the Board. An English proficiency exam is necessary regardless of whether you are a native English speaker or not. Then, applicants have to provide some info, go through a background check and fingerprinting. And naturally, a visa is also required. Nurse salaries here vary and can range from €30,000 to €58,000 or $33,000 to 63,800.

These are the seven best European countries when it comes to finding a job as a nurse.

They provide amazing conditions and salaries; however, make sure you have all the right documents and certificates and properly prepare for all possible exams. Good luck!

We hope that this article on the best European countries for travel Nurses to work in or travel to has helped you on your travel nurse. If you want more information on traveling internationally or volunteering the following articles are great resources:

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