Licensing: Articles for Travel Nurses and Healthcare Workers

As a travel nurse, the licensing process can be and get confusing. Do you have questions about Travel Nurse Licensing? In this category of articles, we’ve answered the top licensing questions.  Now you can find all the information you’re looking for in one place.

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Compact Nursing Licenses – How Do They Work?
Trustaff provided this article. As a traveler, checking off each state and making sure you’re able to practice in the state your assignment is in is key. Many travelers take full ...
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More Licenses = More Opportunities
This article was provided by Faststaff. As a travel nurse, you’re probably familiar with the question that every recruiter asks: “What state licenses do you hold?” Your answer to this ...
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Why Nurse Certification Is Important for Travel Nurses
This article was provided by Gifted Healthcare. Nurse certification is a formal process that tests your clinical knowledge, judgment, and experience in a subject or nursing specialty. Certification is the ...
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Are Travel Nurses Required to Have Special Certifications or Degrees?
This article provided by: Cross Country Nurses Are you considering becoming a travel nurse? If so, you are probably wondering what some of the educational and certification requirements might be, ...
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What is a Nurse Compact License?
The Nurse Compact License Requirements for a nurse compact license are similar across states. However, each state may determine and vary its own licensure requirements.  The states that participate in ...
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How Do Travel Nurses Get Licensed?
This article provided by: Travel Nurse Across America Travel Nurse License Information When thinking about a career in travel nursing, many nurses wonder about multi-state licensure or how to obtain ...
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Ask A Travel Nurse: What are the best states for Travel Nurse to License in?
Gypsy, What are the best states for travel nurse to license in? Where would you recommend I obtain licensing? I will be looking to start my Travel Nurse career after ...
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The Pitfalls of Maintaining RN Licensure in Multiple States
Maintain multiple RN licenses – The Easy Way.  If you have been a traveling nurse for a few years you likely have several RN State licenses.  Knowing what to do ...
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Obtaining RN License by Endorsement
The steps to obtain an RN license by endorsement are varied by state. The following lists the 4 things that most states will require for RN license by endorsement. If ...
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