More Licenses = More Opportunities for Travel Nurses

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By Fastaff Travel Nursing

May 21, 2021



More Licenses = More Opportunities

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As a travel nurse, you’re probably familiar with the question that every recruiter asks: “What state licenses do you hold?” Your answer to this common question can open the doors to more opportunities around the United States, allowing you to earn more, do more, see more, and be more. 

The more state licenses you hold, the more opportunities you’ll have to earn higher pay and enhance your career. When choosing which states to get licensed in, many travel nurses research and select premier hospitals they’d like to work at, which can help kick start their travel nursing journey into a highly successful one. Choosing prominent facilities or renowned teaching hospitals will enhance your resume and allow you to gain valuable experience in the field – and vast knowledge that you can take from assignment to assignment.  You will grow your value and earn your worth.

Once you’ve narrowed down the states that you’d like to work in, time is of the essence to avoid a missed opportunity. The time it takes for states to process licenses varies, so ensuring you’re ready to go with the required paperwork and requirements will set you up for a quicker turnaround time. States with the highest-paying assignments, like California and New York, can take more than a month to process your application, so the sooner you start the process, the faster you can earn the pay you deserve. Fastaff recruiters are always available to guide you through this process to help get you on the road to your next assignment.

Maintaining multiple state nursing licenses is an investment that will give you expansive choices when you are looking for your next travel nurse assignment. Fastaff is committed to fueling your ambition, and we offer licensing programs to help nurses become licensed in states they are not currently licensed in. Our team is well-versed in the various nurse licensing systems and can help guide you through the process.

Fastaff offers opportunities to work across the United States.  If you apply for a new or renewed state license and accept and complete a Fastaff assignment in that same state, we will reimburse your fees. Give our friendly recruiters a call if you’re interested in accelerating your career, on us: 800-736-8773.

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