COVID-19 Articles for Travel Nurses and Healthcare Workers

The Gypsy Nurse Team is working with its network of contributors, agencies, and travel nursing experts to bring our community helpful articles and videos on COVID-19 related topics.

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Travel Nurses and PTSD: The Effects COVID Has Had on Travel Nurses
A couple of weeks ago, I wrote a Facebook post about COVID nurses experiencing PTSD. I shared it with the travel nurse forum, and it really resonated with many of ...
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Being a Nurse in the Times of Corona
The COVID-19 pandemic has been reigning havoc across the world for about 15 months now. Everyone has been affected in one way or another, but the people who have shouldered ...
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Live to Inspire: Travel Nurses on the Front Lines
This article was provided by Fastaff. Healthcare professional’s reaction to the COVID pandemic is remarkable. They are undeniably heroes from immediately jumping to the frontlines, providing care during unimaginable experiences, ...
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Guide to COVID-19 Travel Nurse Quarantine
This article was provided by Host Healthcare. Nurse Quarantine Pay Policy The COVID 19 pandemic is a serious concern for every person in the world right now—especially healthcare workers. Due ...
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The Travel Nurse Agency’s Role in the Pandemic
This article was provided by Nurses 24/7. COVID-19 has impacted every single person on this planet in all sorts of ways. Nurse staffing agencies are working tirelessly to ensure that ...
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High-Energy Meals to Help you Power Through Your Shift (& COVID-19)
This article was provided by Jackson Nurse Professionals. 42% of nurses are skipping their lunch and dinner breaks during the pandemic, putting their health at risk for the care of ...
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A Day in the Life of a Covid Nurse
WARNING: This post will be graphic. Read at your own risk. I recently completed a crisis contract as a covid nurse in southern California. The city of Los Angeles has ...
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The Effects of COVID-19 on the Role of the Psychiatric Nurse
The pandemic and its effects have caused stress and fear for all due to uncertainty and loss. Nurses are in a particularly difficult situation, caring for COVID-19 patients often in ...
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COVID’s effect on Travel Nurses and Healthcare Workers
As a travel nurse during the pandemic, you may find yourself feeling burned out, stressed out, depressed, anxious, or a combination of any or all of those things. We want ...
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