COVID Pandemic: Live to Inspire: Travel Nurses on the Front Lines

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By Fastaff Travel Nursing

April 17, 2021



Live to Inspire: Travel Nurses on the Front Lines

This article was provided by Fastaff.

Healthcare professional’s reaction to the COVID pandemic is remarkable. They are undeniably heroes from immediately jumping to the frontlines, providing care during unimaginable experiences, and sustaining through different waves of the virus.

Throughout 2020 and into 2021, we’ve been fortunate to have Fastaff travel nurses share their experiences with us and in the news. We are proud to share the stories of a few of our fearless Fastaff nurses who have braved the front lines for their patients. These interviews capture how these individuals demonstrated extreme adaptability in times of heightened stress and the true essence of what it means to be passionate about nursing. And always, thank you to our nurses and all healthcare professionals for your courage and resilience during the COVID pandemic. 

Are you a travel nurse who has worked the frontlines during the COVID pandemic? Would you like to share your story? Comment them below. For more information, stories and advice on the COVID pandemic click here.

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