Resume: Articles for Travel Nurses and Healthcare Workers

As a travel nurse, your resume is not the same as staff nurses or others in the healthcare industry. You will find articles on what you should include, how you should build it, and what agencies and facilities are looking for in a resume.

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Build a Killer Travel Nurse Resume
Travel nurses are in a unique position where it is acceptable – even expected – to change your job every 13 weeks, but when it comes to building a resume, ...
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Step-By-Step to Writing Your RN Resume
With all the other things nurses have to juggle, writing a resume can end up on the back burner. So, where should you get started? This step-by-step guide will provide ...
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Spring Cleaning: How to Update Your Nursing Resume to Become a Travel Nurse
CareerStaff Unlimited provided this article. It’s that time of year again! Spring is in the air, and with it comes the urge to clean up and organize our homes. This ...
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Top 10 Details to Include on Your Nursing Resume This Year!
Creating your perfect resume is not that simple! Yes, I have been there, you have been there, we all have been there! For a vacancy of 2-3 job openings, there ...
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Writing a GREAT Travel Nurse Resume
An up to date resume is a vital part of any Travel Nurse Portfolio when submitting to a new travel nurse agency. Writing a great travel nurse resume can be ...
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How To Write Covid-19 on Your Travel Nurse CV
During the global pandemic, healthcare professionals were as demanded as never before. Travel nurses aren’t an exception. But despite the demand in the labor market, there is fierce competition that ...
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5 Elements To Include In Your Travel Nurse Resumes
A dream travel nursing position starts with a top-class resume. Even if the jobs you’re looking at ask for application forms, creating a resume is a great way to get ...
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How to Write an Exceptional Travel Nursing Resume?
It’s okay to change the workplace. What’s more, somewhere else, patients really need your care right now. So it’s time to create a cool travel nursing resume. Even if you ...
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5 Mistakes To Avoid On Your Nursing Resume
Travel nurses are in high demand due to the pandemic and other issues. Instead of being hired simply by one hospital, travel nurses get appointments from the nursing staffing agency. ...
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