Natural Disaster: Articles for Travel Nurses and Healthcare Workers

As a travel nurse, you go to many different locations.  Some of which have natural disasters happen while you are there. What do you do during a natural disaster as a travel nurse? How can you help? Find out in these articles what travel nurses can do to help out.

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Navigating Chaos: The Travel Nurse’s Guide to Disaster Preparedness
Advantage Medical Professionals provided this article. Nurses know firsthand that disaster can strike at any moment, and often without warning. Being prepared in advance is crucial for medical professionals. Nurses play ...
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How Can a Travel Nurse Learn & Overcome a Language Barrier?
The profession and duties of a travel nurse are similar to a staffing nurse that works in one location, but the resources they require for their job are different. For ...
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A Travel Nurse’s Story of Weathering a Wildfire
This article was provided by Triage Staffing. As if traveling as a medical professional for the first time isn’t a whirlwind in itself, let’s throw in a pandemic, and hey, why not top it ...
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Disasters, Outbreaks & What You Can do to Protect Yourself
This article provided by: TNAA Wildfires, hurricanes, or deadly storms. Natural disasters happen all the time, and when big ones hit, the need for medical help is paramount. From the ...
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The Importance of Travel Nurses During a Natural Disaster
This article is provided by: TNAA The Importance of Travel nurses during natural disasters. Travel Nurses During a Natural Disaster can be a huge benefit to the community and the ...
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Disaster Response: What Role can Travel Nurses Play?
Parts of this article were duplicated with permission from: University of Southern California Disaster Nursing The time to register is NOW! Roles and Resources to help you prepare and be ...
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The Nomadic Nurse V/S The Hurricane
Surviving Hurricane Matthew They say adventures are never fun when you’re having one. Like most of the stuff they say, this little nugget contains some truth, but it’s not the ...
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Disaster Volunteer Registry: By State
Travel nurses are always seeking ways to help out after a disaster. Preparation is crucial. Be prepared by signing up for the state disaster volunteer registry near you or where ...
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A Travel Nurse’s Unique Story of Surviving Hurricane Irma in the US Virgin Islands
Guest Post By: Tanisha Terry A personal account of surviving Hurricane Irma as travel nurse US Virgin Islands. From preparation through the aftermath, a travel nurses personal account. Travel Nurse ...
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