Destinations: Articles for Travel Nurses and Healthcare Workers

Choosing a destination for your assignment can be difficult. You will find articles on different locations that make great locations to choose for your next travel nurse assignment in this category.

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Cost Of Living In Hawaii
Are you looking to know the cost of living in Hawaii? Well, we have the answer for you! We moved to Hawaii for a travel nurse contract and are showing ...
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Gypsy’s Guide to Adventures in Bradenton, Florida
When the weather changes and gets cooler, that is the perfect time to take an assignment in Florida.  Bradenton, Florida, appears to be a popular assignment location for travel nurses.  ...
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Gypsy’s Guide to Adventures in Portland, Oregon
So, you took an assignment in Portland, Oregon. What should you do on your days off? If it is the typical assignment, you will have 13 weeks to explore the ...
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Gypsy’s Guide to Adventures in Charleston, South Carolina
There was a post in our Facebook network group asking what to do in Charleston, South Carolina.  These types of posts are often made in the group.  As a travel ...
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Places to Consider When Traveling in the Fall
Fall. The time of year that reminds us how beautiful change is as winter draws near. While it seems a bit early to be thinking about Fall, it will be ...
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5 Things to do While on Assignment in Nashville, Tennessee
Nashville is Tennessee’s capital and home to some of the most incredible music and landmarks that the state holds. The opportunities and activities to do within Nashville are endless, ranging ...
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5 Things To Do In Asheville, NC
So, you took a travel nurse assignment in Asheville, North Carolina? What are some things to do and what places should you visit on your days off? Asheville, North Carolina, ...
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The Best Cities for Your Travel Nursing Career in 2021
Life as a travel nurse is an adventure. Traveling from city to city, experiencing new cultures, gaining skills in your field while making a sustainable income to put toward nursing ...
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2021 Summer Sales for Healthcare Professionals
This article was provided by SkyBridge Healthcare. For more industry insight follow us on Instagram and Facebook.  June 21st marked the official start of summer! A time for friends and ...
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