Destinations: Articles for Travel Nurses and Healthcare Workers

Choosing a destination for your travel nurse or healthcare assignment can be difficult. You will find articles on different locations that make great locations for assignments in this category. The articles will also include some things to do in each location and what to expect, weather-wise, etc.

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What are the Benefits of Travel Nursing to a Small Town?
An exciting part of travel nursing is traveling around the country and experiencing life in all the major cities, but with COVID-19 numbers declining and travel nurse needs in hospitals ...
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Best States for Spring Travel Nurse Assignments
AMN Healthcare provided this article. We have some good news if you’ve been mulling over some potential spring destinations for travel nurse assignments! We’ve compiled a list of states with ...
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Hot Travel Destinations This Season
This article is sponsored by HealthTrust Workforce Solutions. Choosing a travel nurse assignment destination can be difficult.  We have put together a list of 4 cities that would make excellent ...
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Travel Nurse Destinations for 2022
Medical Solutions provided this article. Article was written by: Sarah Wengert. It’s a beautiful year to explore some incredible new locations, travelers. And when it comes to spots for your ...
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3 Traveler-Approved Hikes to Ease the Mind
TNAA Healthcare provided this article. There’s nothing quite like taking a hike. According to Statista, 57.81 million Americans went on a hike in 2020, up from 49.7 million the year ...
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Gypsy’s Guide to Adventures in Portland, Oregon
So, you took an assignment in Portland, Oregon. What should you do on your days off? If it is the typical assignment, you will have 13 weeks to explore the ...
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Top 5 Ski Destinations for Travel Nurses
AMN Healthcare provided this article. Travel nurses will love these five hot spots for skiing, nightlife and more One of the many benefits of travel nursing is choosing when and ...
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Cold-Weather Assignment Location Tips
This article was sponsored by Furnished Finder. As a travel nurse, you have the opportunity to take assignments around the country.  This can sometimes mean going to a location where ...
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California Adventures! Why California Should Be Your Next Assignment
This article was provided by trustaff. Have you locked in where you’ll be spending your first assignment of 2022? Here’s a shortlist of the top 3 reasons you should be ...
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