Packing Tip Articles for Travel Nurses and Healthcare Workers

Packing up your life for 13+/- weeks at a time can be hard. Here you will find many great articles with packing tips, from packing your car to ways to pack less but have what you need during your assignment.

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Collapsible Home Essentials for Travel Nurses
Research has shown that moving is one of life’s most stressful events. As a travel nurse, moving—and its close cousins, packing and unpacking—can happen frequently and without much notice. In ...
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6 Travel Nurse Tips For Packing Lightly
It can be difficult to pack for extended trips, especially when you’re traveling for work rather than for vacation. Not only do you need everyday items such as clothes and ...
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4 Packing Tips for the Gypsy Travel Nurse
As a gypsy travel nurse, you’re always on the go, which means having what you need when you need it is essential no matter where you are. Unfortunately, the items ...
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Packing for the Travel Nurse
Every Monday at 2 pm e.s.t. in November you will be able to catch The Gypsy Nurse live on our Facebook Travel Nurse Network group discussing popular travel nurse questions. ...
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Six Essential Packing Tips For Your Next Travel Nurse Assignment
This article was provided by Medely. Check out these essential packing tips for new and long-time Travel Nurses and Allied Healthcare Professionals. Planning to leave for a new travel nurse ...
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Things That Every Travel Nurse Should Always Bring With Them
The high number of COVID cases in the country has left many healthcare facilities understaffed. Travel nurses have been filling in the gaps throughout the pandemic, with 40,000 to 50,000 ...
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10 Packing Musts for Travel Nurses
If it is your first travel nursing job or your 15th, these are ten packing musts for travel nurses. Packing Musts: 1. Space Saver Bags I have a small car. ...
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Don’t Get on the Road without These Items
Travel safer on every trip. It seems so natural to throw your stuff in your car and go. But according to AAA, about 33% of all motorists encounter a roadside ...
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Travel Nurse Essentials: What to Pack for Your Next Travel Nursing Assignment
Nurses are often found in hospitals, nursing homes, and other medical facilities. The plane is the least location we expect them to be until the dawn of the travel nursing ...
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