Packing Tip Articles for Travel Nurses and Healthcare Workers

Packing up your life for 13+/- weeks at a time can be hard. Here you will find many great articles with tips, from packing your car to ways to pack less but have what you need during your travel nurse assignment.

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Everything You Need to Pack for Your First Travel Nursing Assignment
If you are just getting started in the exciting world of becoming a travel nurse, you already know there are many benefits associated with this job. Perhaps you get to ...
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2022 Nurses Week: Rooted in Strength
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6 Packing Tips for Travel Nurses
 Getting ready to hit the road for another assignment? The life of a travel nurse can be full of excitement and adventure, but it can also cause a ton of ...
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Hacking the Packing: 6 Tips to Packing Light and Right
Packing light is nothing short of a task considering we all love to overpack. A minimalist’s approach to packing is one that most of us do not see eye-to-eye with. ...
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Travel Nursing Must-Haves: 10 Items to Bring on Your Next Assignment
This article was provided by Favorite Healthcare. You just landed your dream travel nurse assignment and are eager to hit the road. You have a full list of excursions to ...
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Collapsible Home Essentials for Travel Nurses
Research has shown that moving is one of life’s most stressful events. As a travel nurse, moving—and its close cousins, packing and unpacking—can happen frequently and without much notice. In ...
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6 Travel Nurse Tips For Packing Lightly
It can be difficult to pack for extended trips, especially when you’re traveling for work rather than for vacation. Not only do you need everyday items such as clothes and ...
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4 Packing Tips for the Gypsy Travel Nurse
As a gypsy travel nurse, you’re always on the go, which means having what you need when you need it is essential no matter where you are. Unfortunately, the items ...
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Packing for the Travel Nurse
Every Monday at 2 pm e.s.t. in November you will be able to catch The Gypsy Nurse live on our Facebook Travel Nurse Network group discussing popular travel nurse questions. ...
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