Must Packs For Your Next Travel Nurse Assignment

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By trustaff

June 27, 2022



Top Must Packs For Your Travel Nurse Assignment

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Packing for your assignments can be a stressful time. Making sure you have everything you may need for a 13-week stay in a new area while also trying to fit everything in your suitcase or trunk can be a real task. Whether you’re a light packer or over pack just in case, we came up with this list of 5 must-have things to make sure you have room for in your suitcase to bring on every assignment.

A camera.

You’ll be out adventuring new places, and what better way to create memories than to take lots of photos to share with friends and family or for yourself as keepsakes. While it’s just as important to take a mental image and take in all the experiences, sometimes having a photo to look back on helps you reminisce about your unique experience. Packing a good camera is a must for travelers of all kinds. Evolving technology makes this even easier now, as many high-quality cameras are compact and packable in a purse or backpack.

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A few good books.

Taking some time away from screens can really refresh your mental state. Having a few good books on hand can make your time between shifts enjoyable and a breath of fresh air. We highly suggest checking out Book-Tok (on TikTok!) for some amazing suggestions for your next read. Whether you’re into history, fiction, or biographies – enjoying a good read can be very important for your mental health and overall downtime.

An air fryer, Instapot, crockpot, etc.

Meals are important, and having time between long shifts to prepare them is sometimes a hassle. Bringing your favorite kitchen appliance can do wonders for time-saving on your meal preps while on assignment. And to be fair – what CAN’T you cook in an air fryer or Instapot?! The options are endless! These are taking over kitchens and are easy to use in any housing situation. Thinking ahead and bringing one of these can make for a life-saving item when you’re hungry.

A yoga mat or at-home fitness gear.

Finding somewhere to work out or clear your mind with yoga in an unfamiliar location could be challenging. Having a few staples ready in your hotel, apartment, or house while on assignment can make a difference! And making sure you’re moving your body and clearing your mental state is SO important as a healthcare professional.

Your pillow.

Sleeping on a new pillow you’re not used to can jam your beauty sleep – and we know how important your sleep is after a long shift! Making sure you have your comfy pillow wherever you sleep is a game-changer. Never leave home without it – especially for 8-12 weeks of sleep.  

We hope you found this list of top must packs for your travel nurse assignment helpful. Are there any other items you think should make the list of must packs? Comment below.

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