Top 6 Books All Travel Nurses Should Read: Tips for Travel Nurses

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By Katherine Rundell

January 20, 2021



Top 6 Books All Travel Nurses Should Read

Whether you are an experienced traveling nurse or only just beginning to consider this healthcare career option, there are some fantastic books available that can help guide you and provide invaluable information. Here are 6 must-read books all travel nurses should add to their reading list.

1. ‘Hitting The Road: A Guide To Travel Nursing’ By Shalon Weddington

If you’re wondering whether or not becoming a traveling nurse is the right option for you, then you should definitely make sure that you check out Hitting the Road. In this 2010 updated version of the book, Weddington provides practical information for those about to embark upon travel nursing. A retired travel nurse herself, she shares her decades of experience with readers. She provides detailed information on a range of topics, such as tax strategies, international travel, finances, and listings of travel staffing services. There are even some self-assessment quizzes to help you decide whether or not travel nursing is the right option for you.

2. ‘I Wasn’t Strong Like This When I Started Out: True Stories Of Becoming A Nurse’ By Lee Gutkind

Even if you absolutely love being a travel nurse, there are inevitably bound to be days where it can feel like a struggle, and when you may begin to question how to keep going. I Wasn’t Strong Like This When I Started Out is the perfect book when you need a little support and inspiration. In this book, Gutkind shares a range of true stories from a variety of nurses as they share their experiences. The book is filled with stories of nurses who discuss their struggles and how they were able to keep going during the hardest of times.

3. ‘The Nurses: A Year Of Secrets, Drama, And Miracles With The Heroes Of The Hospital’ By Alexandra Robbins

If you’re looking for a book that really examines what it is like to be a nurse, then look no further than The Nurses: A Year of Secrets, Drama, and Miracles with the Heroes of the Hospital.

“This book covers a range of topics which nurses encounter in their jobs and indeed, throughout the course of their careers. Robbins was able to follow four real-life nurses over the course of a year at four hospitals, as well as interviewing many others. The result is a book that authentically captures the drama, courage, and sisterhood of nursing,” says Nathan Mitchell, a journalist at Academized and OXEssays.

4. ‘The Truth About Travel Nursing’ By Kyle Schmidt

In The Truth About Travel Nursing, Schmidt offers an insight into the world of travel nursing from the recruiter’s perspective. A former travel healthcare recruiter himself, Schmidt provides helpful information, including offering advice about how to compare travel services and the compensation packages that they offer.

5. ‘Travel Nurse’s Bible (A Guide To Everything On Travel Nursing)’ By David Morrison

If you are thinking about becoming a travel nurse or have just embarked upon your journey, then Travel Nurse’s Bible (A Guide to Everything on Travel Nursing) is a must-have resource. Morrison uses his 14 years of experience as a travel nurse to provide useful need-to-know information for every aspiring or practicing travel nurse.

“The book covers some really important topics, such as detailed instruction on how to get started on your journey as a travel nurse, the qualifications you need, as well as the key personality traits you need to have. It’s a really useful resource for anyone at the outset of their travel nursing career,” says Jennifer Ackles, a writer at Custom Writing and Dissertation Help.

6. ‘Fast Facts For The Travel Nurse: Travel Nursing In A Nutshell’ By Michele Angell Landrum

Although this book is particularly suited to those thinking about beginning a career as a travel nurse, it’s also filled with valuable information and tips for those already practicing. An experienced traveling nurse herself, Landrum provides helpful advice on how to better prepare yourself for assignments and how to successfully negotiate assignment contracts, as well as ways to increase your pay and improve your benefits.


Being a traveling nurse is a rewarding and challenging job. With these books, however, you’ll be better equipped to face any challenges which come your way. The next time you’re traveling to your next assignment, take along one of these books to help inform and inspire you.

Do you have any books to add to the list? Any you have read that you think other travel nurses would love? Comment them below.

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