Education and CEUs for Travel Nurses and Healthcare Workers

As a travel nurse finding ways to educate yourself or get your CEUs can be difficult. We have put together some great articles on keeping up on education and CEUs in one spot for our travel nurses.


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Pandemic Remnants: Secondary Traumatic Stress an Interview with Lesly Kelly, Ph.D., RN, FAAN
Pandemic Remnants: Secondary Traumatic Stress with Lesly Kelly, PhD, RN, FAAN from Elite Learning Experiences on Vimeo. Elite Learning recently sat down with Lesly Kelly, Ph.D., RN, FAAN, to discuss ...
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How to Continue Acquiring New Nursing Skills While Working
Being a nurse is such a joy; there is so much fulfillment you get when you are helping people who really need it. When you are a nurse, there are ...
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How to Manage Your Professional Development as a Travel Nurse
Travel nursing is a demanding career, and healthcare institutions are always searching for the best-equipped nurses in terms of education and experience. The health sector is rapidly changing as new ...
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How to Feel Prepared for the NCLEX
Have you recently graduated from a nursing degree program and are now studying for the NCLEX-RN? Congratulations! You’re one step closer to becoming a registered nurse!  Nurses report high job ...
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Skill Sets that are Crucial for Employees to be Successful in Their Work Environment
The article provided by Medical Staffing Solutions There are certain skill sets that are crucial for employees to be successful in their work environment. Regardless of your work history, interpersonal ...
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The Educational Opportunities for Travel Nurses
With millions of patients needing care and so many hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare settings lacking enough staff, travel nursing has become a very in-demand career. Travel nurses play an ...
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Ask A Travel Nurse: Pay for Certification Renewals
Does the agency or the travel nurse pay for certification renewal? The Gypsy Nurse strives to be your #1 source for Travel Nursing Answers. For new and experienced travelers alike. ...
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Back To School
If you ever considered an advanced degree or specialty area, here’s some information worth noting.  Sometimes larger travel nursing agencies provide continuing education opportunities.  Many travel nurses find this an ...
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How Nurses Can Build Their Confidence
While most of the time, nursing is a highly rewarding profession, there are times when even experienced nurses feel like they are in way over their heads. It might be ...
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