Haleigh Gorrell

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My name is Haleigh Gorrell and I'm a Registered Nurse from Ontario, Canada. I have been a med/surg nurse since 2016 and started travel nursing in 2018. I work in Ontario, Alberta and British Columbia. I love travelling and love that I can travel in between contracts. I'm living the dream! You can follow my adventures on instagram @thetalesof.hales and also on my blog @ thetalesofhales.com !
The Differences Between Travel Nursing in Canada vs. The United States
Over the past few months, I’ve been in contact with a lot of other travel nurses via social media, and most of them are from the US! It’s been really ...
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COVID in Canada
The recent COVID-19 global pandemic has been absolutely devastating for all of us. Nurses are out on the front lines facing the virus head-on and doing the best they can ...
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Why Do We Love Travel Nursing? Reasons We Do It
Being a travel nurse definitely requires a particular type of individual to succeed in the gypsy type of lifestyle. Not just anyone can do it! You have to be a ...
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Canadian Vacation Travel Tips for Travel Nurses: Great Places to Visit
About a year ago I began my journey as a travel nurse in Canada Since packing up my car and leaving for my very first nursing contract, I have been ...
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Taking a Solo Trip as a Travel Nurse
As a travel nurse, I feel like it takes a specific person to choose this type of nursing career. If I were to stereotype travel nurses, I would say we ...
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Long Distance Love as a Travel Nurse
Travel nursing is such a rewarding career for obvious reasons, but for nurses with a partner waiting for them back home, it can sometimes be difficult out on the road ...
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