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November 13, 2017



8 Job Ideas for the Travel Nurse Spouse

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How do Travel Nurse Spouses find Jobs?

One of our Gypsy Nurse Network Group members asks;
“My significant other would like to travel with me but he would like to earn some money too. Granted, it doesn’t have to be an elaborate salary but he would like to earn a little along the way. Finding a ‘normal’ job with each assignment I take would be futile. Any suggestions for the travel nurse spouse?”

We hear this question a lot as more and more couples are traveling well before retirement age. So, we’ve compiled this list from a multitude of conversations on our Facebook Network Group about travel nurse spouse jobs:

Spouse Job Ideas

1. State or National Parks

This is great especially for the RV traveler. Many times you can get free space to live in return for giving part time hours to the park.

2. Stay at home parent

Probably one of the most important jobs a person can have! As more and more families are traveling the trend of homeschooling is increasing. Why not take the whole family and let the other parent be the teacher? There are tons of great resources for the ‘road-school’ parent.

3. Seasonal work

Retail: When the holidays begin to peak, many retailers hire seasonal staff to help take on the extra load.
Tourism: Ski Lodge, Park Department, etc. Anywhere that you have a seasonal influx of tourism, there are opportunities for seasonal work. This can also result in discounts and ‘employee perks’ such as ski passes and discounts.

4. Local Temporary Staffing Firms

Depending on your skill set, you can find jobs at local manufacturing, clerical, call center support, just about anything you can think of.

5. Substitute Teaching

There are never enough teachers! You don’t need a teaching degree. I would suggest applying before you get to your assignment due to background checks, etc.

6. Uber or Lift Driver

Uber is taking over the taxi industry in a BIG way. I’m unsure of the specific requirements but if you love to drive and enjoy people, this might be the job for your spouse.

7. Freelancing

ODesk, Fiverr, and other “gig” opportunities – these are great for the freelancer to work remote on a multitude of projects. These are mostly graphic design, and web related.

8. Bartending

Bartending can actually be fun as well as a decent source of income as well as immediate cash via tips. Licensing is pretty simple in most states.

Share your Travel Nurse Spouse Jobs

Are you a travel nurse spouse? What do you do for jobs as you’re exploring the country with your Gypsy? Would you like to share your story? We love member contributed stories and ideas. Contact The Gypsy Nurse!

I hope this quick list of jobs for the travel nurse spouse helps to stimulate some ideas! Do you have other suggestions for the traveling spouse? We would love to hear them. Please post in the comments so they can be shared with other Gypsies!

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