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By Amber Pickler

October 11, 2019



Frequently Asked Friday: Insurance Options for Travel Nurses

Insurance options for travel nurses are always a hot topic in our Facebook group.  We found that many people can’t afford what is offered through their agency or even the marketplace. Many don’t work with just one agency or want a better policy than their agency offers.  So, for this week’s Frequently Asked Friday article, we went through all the comments and found some of the most popular answers and put them together to make it just a bit easier for you! 

Insurance Options for Travel Nurses

Farm Bureau

Finding your own insurance through different insurance agencies seems to be popular among travel nurses. However, the rate for this policy through Farm Bureau is meager and the other costs associated with it.  Some bigger insurance companies may offer better rates than what you can get through your staffing agency. You also don’t have to worry about staying with the same agency, having a gap in assignments, or changing plans every time you go with a news agency.

Company Offered Plans

While not all travel nurses travel strictly with one travel nurse agency, some do.   There were a few comments about using agency insurance.  As you can see above, some nurses get great insurance policies through their agency.  While this is a good option for some, it is still important to do your homework. 

United Healthcare

Another company that was mentioned is United Healthcare.   United Healthcare offers a variety of plans as well as other options such as vision and dental.  United also offers different price point plans.  While some may still be out of your budget it still may be a good option to look into.

Health Share (Liberty, Christian Health or Samaritan Health)

Health Share is a different type of option.  While similar to insurance, it isn’t the same.  You do pay in, and they do cover medical expenses. As you can see below, the price points aren’t terribly high.  They state on their website that “Our most comprehensive and most popular program, Liberty Complete, gives you ultimate control and peace of mind. After you fulfill your annual unshared amount ($1,000 for an individual, $1,750 for a couple, $2,250 for a family—the same threshold for each of our programs), you may share eligible medical costs up to $1 million per incident.”


Medi-Share is similar to Health Share.  It is a health share program that you pay into along with others.  They offer different plans as well. However, you have to input your information to see what price points they offer.   Those who suggested these types of policies recommended them for healthy people.  So, it may benefit those who don’t have pre-existing conditions or conditions that require frequent doctor visits. 

Do your research

The biggest piece of advice we can offer travel nurses looking for insurance is to make sure you do your research before signing the dotted line.  Know what the deductible is, the copay, what is covered (pre-existing conditions, well-being, and preventative, to name a few).  While the policy’s price is a big deal, some of these other things can add up if not covered. We hope you found this

If you have found an awesome insurance plan and would like to share it, please comment below!

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