Personal Finances: Articles for Travel Nurses and Health Care Workers

Personal Finances can be tricky for anyone, especially for travel nurses. Use these tips, information, and financial advice to plan your travel nurse budget. Make more out of your travel nurse experience by having a great handle on your finances.

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Leave 2019 Feeling Good About Your Finances with Three Practical Steps
When thinking about practical steps to take at the end of the year it is often helpful to pause for a moment and consider the big picture. How was 2019 ...
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Another Tax Year Upon Us 2020: Tax Tips for Travel Nurses
As I write this piece, it is a few weeks from Christmas and I’m thinking about the Holidays. Lurking on the other side of the festivities is another tax season. ...
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Budget-Friendly Travel Tips for Travel Nurses on Assignment
Budgeting is important for all of us; however, it is even more important for travel nurses.  As travel nurses, you spend 13 weeks on an assignment and typically move on.  ...
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Debt Free as a Travel Nurse – Tips for Paying Down Debt
On September 5th…My husband and I will officially be DEBT FREE!!!!! We will celebrate making our final & last payment …completely paying off all of our credit card debt!!  This ...
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Buying a House as a Travel Nurse
Tips for the travel nurse buying a house: To your healthcare colleagues, you are paid! They are ready for you to foot the bill at lunch. Your friends and family ...
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5 Tips on How to Easily Sell Your Home
When looking to sell your home, here are some tips to make sell it easily. With your line of work all about traveling, it’s also fair to say it is ...
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Financial Challenges that Traveling Nurses Face
The unique Financial challenges that Travel Nurses face, can add another layer of stress. Being a travel nurse is certainly not easy, but it is very rewarding. Amidst the highly ...
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Income Sources Available for Nurses During Retirement
Throughout you career as a nurse, chances are that you’ll probably have the opportunity to partake in a variety of retirement plans either by setting up one yourself or by ...
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4 Easy Finance Tips for Busy Travel Nurses
This article provided by: Gifted Healthcare Travel nurses work hard for their money, why not let your money work for you? Building up your financial fitness habits takes effort, but ...
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