Tax and Legal Information: Articles for Travel Nurses

As a travel nurse or healthcare worker, taxes can be or get confusing.  In this category, you will find articles that will help you learn more about travel nursing tax and legal information. Industry experts discuss how the legal and tax issues affect you and how to handle them.

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10 Most Asked Tax Questions of Travel Nurses
This article is the third in a series of articles we’re calling “Truth in Travel Nursing.”  Designed to provide reliable information to travel nurses, we hope these articles help clear ...
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Travel Nursing: What is a Tax Home?
After a day of managing potent medications on a critical patient, one would think that unraveling the concept of tax home would be an easy task. Unfortunately, the concept of ...
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Travel Nursing With a Spouse
Many new travel nurses are looking for someone to travel with. The fear of loneliness is a large factor in this mindset.  Travel nursing with a spouse, a friend, or another ...
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I Use an RV or 5th Wheel for Travel – Can I Deduct The RV Expenses?
Using an RV or 5th Wheel as your assignment lodging is a great way to work as a traveler. It removes the dreaded task of loading / unloading your vehicle ...
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Ask A Travel Nurse: Travel Nurse Pay?
Gypsy, What is the average Travel Nurse Pay? Thanks! Anonymous, RN Thank you for reading The Gypsy Nurse. You have taken the first step on your journey to becoming A ...
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Ask A Travel Nurse: Tax Home
Gypsy, I am a travel nurse and am wondering if you have any advice about establishing a tax home? I won’t be keeping my apt here, so will that mean ...
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Talking Taxes: What Kind of Records Does the IRS Want Me to Keep?
We’re back talking taxes.  This installment discusses the records, receipts, and general paperwork that the travel nurse needs to track and maintain.  The IRS has specific requirements for reimbursements, and ...
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Talking Taxes: What is Tax Advantage?
Figuring out what a ‘Tax Advantage’ program is can be confusing. Many travel nursing agencies will offer tax-free portions of your pay and most will refer to this as some ...
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The MultiState Tax Dilemma for Travelers
There have been a lot of discussions lately on our Network regarding the Home State Tax vs the Work State Tax. Joseph Smith from helps explain the Multi-state Tax. ...
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