Tax and Legal Information: Articles for Travel Nurses

As a travel nurse or healthcare worker, taxes can be or get confusing.  In this category, you will find articles that will help you learn more about travel nursing tax and legal information. Industry experts discuss how the legal and tax issues affect you and how to handle them.

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What are per diems?
A lot of confusion surrounds the “per diem” payments that many travelers receive that covers lodging and meals. These payments are usually paid on a tax free basis assuming that ...
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Talking Taxes: ACA Tax Credits
In the last article we looked at the Health Insurance mandates and how the penalties apply when there are gaps in coverage which is a common problem for healthcare Travelers. ...
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ACA Tax Implications for Travelers
Guest Article provided by: Joseph Smith @ ACA (aka “Obamacare”) requires all individuals carry health insurance starting with the 2014 tax year. Here is some information on ACA tax ...
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Talking Travel Nurse Taxes- The State Tax Return
But I Didn’t Work There!! …and similar comments about travel nurse taxes and state tax returns…. In previous articles, I have pointed out the difference between a permanent residence and ...
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Talking Travel Nurse Taxes: The Regional Traveler
Talking Travel Nurse Taxes – The Regional Traveler:  What Happens When You Return Home Frequently During Assignments Written prior to tax reform 2017. Watch for future articles. Many travelers take ...
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Talking Taxes: The “Abandonment” Issue Regarding Tax Homes, Part 2
The Traveler Tax Home “Abandonment” Issue Written prior to tax reform 2017. Watch for future articles. In last month’s installment, we explored a relatively new rule some agencies impose after ...
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Talking Taxes: The Tax Home “Abandonment” Issue
Guest Article via Joseph Smith @ Written prior to tax reform 2017. Watch for future articles. What is Tax Home “Abandonment”? How does tax home abandonment affect the Travel ...
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